Container Ship Hit The Pier In Ambarlı Port

Container ship hit the pier in Ambarli port
Container ship hit the pier in Ambarli port

The 398,5-meter container ship crashed into the pier, making a docking maneuver at the Ambarlı Port in Istanbul. Severe damage was caused to the ship and the pier.

The Maritime General Directorate announced that the container ship, which maneuvered to dock in Ambarlı Port on Saturday, crashed into the pier.

In the statement made, “Liberia Bayraklı The container ship MSC TINA, 398,5 meters tall, crashed into Marport's pier during the docking maneuver in Ambarlı on 27 March 2021. While severe damage occurred in the accident, the pier and the ship, there was no loss of life, injury or environmental pollution. The ship is currently located in the Ambarlı Demir area and investigations are ongoing. According to the results of the examination, the process to be carried out with the ship will be decided ”.



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