Coast Guard Command Supplies 6 Domestic UAVs

Coast Guard Command Supplies Local Tenders
Coast Guard Command Supplies Local Tenders

In the Minister's Presentation section of the 2021 Performance Program shared by the Coast Guard Command, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that 6 domestic and national production unmanned aerial vehicles were planned for the Coast Guard Command.

Minister Soylu stated in his article that the activities carried out by the Coast Guard Command in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea with the increasing workload at the country level gained an international dimension;

`` ... In our Coast Guard Command, which has experienced a 30 percent increase in the number of personnel since the treacherous coup attempt, a serious investment has been made in air elements, especially the use of technologies such as drones and Coast Guard Aircraft, as well as 6 domestic and national production unmanned aerial vehicles for the next year. planning has been made.

Likewise, Turkey's all a project that will cover the sea Coastal Surveillance Radar System (SGRS), projects such as the domestic production of 105 units Control Boat intake, not only of irregular migration pressures, it is actually related to the underlying future and the security of Turkey's sea. We believe that the security of our coasts and coasts, which is the key point of the security framework we are trying to establish in the south of our country in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean, which are desired to be destabilized, will become even more important tomorrow ... " expressions were included.

105 Control Boats contract for the Coast Guard

Control Boat construction contract was signed between the Defense Industry Presidency and Ares Shipyard in 2019. Within the scope of the project, 105 Control Boats will be procured with spares and services for the Coast Guard Command. With the Control Boats that will serve in our surrounding seas and inland waters, an important capability will be gained in combating irregular migration, in search / rescue activities, in combating smuggling and in safety / security duties from the sea.

Coastal Surveillance Radar System

Coast Surveillance Radar System (SGRS) developed by HAVELSAN with XNUMX% domestic and national facilities; Our country aims to provide situational awareness with radar coating in the coastal and territorial waters and exclusive economic regions of our country, and to create a Defined Marine Picture by supporting data from electro-optic sensors and other Public Institutions and Organizations. At the same time, SGRS aims to increase the efficiency of reconnaissance, patrol, search and rescue activities and to increase the interoperability levels of Public Institutions and Organizations that have duties and responsibilities in Turkish sea areas.

Source: defenceturk

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