Çayırova and Darica Road Maintenance, Repair and Construction Tender was Held

Cayirova and darica road maintenance, repair and construction tender was held.
Cayirova and darica road maintenance, repair and construction tender was held.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches importance to transportation projects throughout the city, as it does every year, enables citizens to travel comfortably on the roads. The "Road Maintenance, Repair and Construction Work in Çayırova and Darıca districts (2021)" tender was held for the construction of new roads as well as the repair and maintenance of existing roads.



Within the scope of the 2021 business calendar, a total of 20 thousand square meters of parquet will be used for road maintenance and repair works in Darıca and Çayırova districts under the Department of Science. Within the scope of the tender, 34 thousand 500 tons of asphalt, 7 thousand 500 tons of asphalt patches, 17 thousand meters of border, 5 thousand square meters of road line and various repair works will also be used.


Gündoğuran Construction 14 million 589 thousand 824 TL
Snow Asphalt 14 million 772 thousand 3 TL
Seven Construction 15 million 131 thousand 769 TL
Özyol Construction 15 million 458 thousand 214 TL
Icon Mat 15 million 876 thousand 898 TL 50 Kuruş
Yağışan Construction 15 million 878 thousand 826 TL
Emay Architecture 15 million 895 thousand 826 TL
Kozlu Construction 16 million 163 thousand 860 TL
Emiroğlu Investment 16 million 492 thousand 736 TL
Tuner Road Asphalt 16 million 949 thousand 670 TL
Semih Atik 17 million 306 thousand 912 TL
Fıratoğlu Construction 17 million 666 thousand 230 TL
Metafor Construction 18 million 440 thousand 139 TL

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