Cantilever Beam Installation in Akkuyu NGS Second Unit Reactor Building Has Been Completed

Cantilever beam assembly in the second unit reactor building of akkuyu ngs completed
Cantilever beam assembly in the second unit reactor building of akkuyu ngs completed

In the Akkuyu NGS second unit reactor building, the installation of the Cantilever Beam, the second large-sized component of the Corrector (KT) equipment, has been completed.

The design, made of carbon steel with a diameter of 176 tons and a height of 9,35 meters and a height of 2,2 meters, was installed under the second unit pressure vessel with the help of a Terex Demag CC6800 crawler crane located in the construction area between the second and third units of Akkuyu NGS. Before installation, it took about a month and a half to install the Cantilever Beam on a custom skid.

Sergei Butckikh, Director of Construction Works of NGS commented on the completion of the work on the cantilever beam equipment installation as follows: “The cornerstone equipment consists of three parts: body, cantilever beam and guide plate. In December last year, the Corrector body was installed under the pressure vessel core shell. Now, on top of that, the Cantilever Beam equipment has been installed, which ensures the protection of the Core Holder body and its connections. This complex engineering design is one of the few elements that enables the reactor to meet the most modern international safety requirements and is an important component of the plant's safety system. The installation of the Cantilever Beam equipment is the first major event planned for this year. ”

The acceptance of the Cantilever Beam assembly work was carried out by a special commission. The members of the commission confirmed the readiness of the structure for the next operation by carrying out the visual, measurement and other types of inspection of the assembly works. The fixing process will continue after the installation of the Cantilever Beam equipment. In this context, nozzles and corridors that provide maintenance on the Cantilever Beam will be welded. Later, with the assembly and concreting of the protection vessel, the assembly of the support beam will begin and the construction of the pressure vessel core shell will continue. Among the commission members are the young experts of AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş., who are NRNU MEPhI graduates; Nuclear Material Accounting and Control Chief Specialist Ebru Adıgüzel and Nuclear Security Unit Physical Calculations Chief Specialist Abdullah Safa Duman were also present.

The main task of the Cantilever Beam is to provide communication such as water supply, vapor removal, ventilation, regulation of passages for measuring devices and examination and inspection of the condition of the Kor Holder. The gas discharge pipelines installed inside the beam provide the circulation of saturated steam and do not allow the pressure in the embers to exceed the permissible values. The beam also serves as a support for subsequent structural elements such as the baffle plate and drying of the reactor.

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