Arrangement in Sanliurfa Public Transport Flights

Arranging public transport services to sanliurfa
Arranging public transport services to sanliurfa

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality organized public transportation services with the opening of the Riot Crossing Bridge.

Public transport in having one of Turkey's largest fleet Metropolitan Municipality, Seyrantepe, soldiers and Karaköprü bus station and hospital were from the neighborhood Batikent solve the problem of transportation.

With the completion of the Riot Crossing Bridge, the public transport lines of Salih Özcan 29.03.2021, Seyrantepe 26 and Beyazıt Boulevard 76B have been re-planned according to the crossroads and side roads that have come into service as of 76.

A comprehensive route planning was made on the public transportation line of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Beyazıt Boulevard 76B. As a result of the planning, Seyrantepe, Mehmetçik and Karaköprü Batıkent neighborhoods will be accessible by public transport to the bus station and Mehmet Akif İnan Training and Research Hospital.

The route changes of public transportation lines will be put into service on 29.03.2021.

Salih Ozcan Boulevard route change

Change of Seyrantepe route

Bnolu Beyazit Boulevard route change


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