Air Travels With SunExpress Now More Flexible

Air travel with sunexpress is now more flexible
Air travel with sunexpress is now more flexible

SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, continues to provide maximum flexibility to its guests who want to delay their travels due to unexpected reasons during the pandemic period with the changes in ticket tariffs. The airline has now launched the "Corona Warranty Package" after the SunFlex application.

With the SunFlex application launched in November 2020, SunExpress offers its passengers the opportunity to make free reservation changes up to a certain period before their flight, in line with the tariffs they prefer when booking. In this context, guests who prefer SunClassic in their reservations can now make changes up to 30 days before their flight dates for once with the SunFlex 30 Days feature, while this period can be reduced up to 7 days for guests who prefer SunPremium. In addition, SunExpress offers free changes up to 31 days before departure, exclusively for guests who book on the SunClassic tariff during the winter season that will continue until March 2021, 15.

An important move from SunExpress: Corona Warranty Package

With the "Corona Warranty Package" it has started to offer, SunExpress gives its passengers free re-reservation and ticket cancellation if they or their first-degree relatives are infected with the Covid-19 virus, even if they are not in flight.

Within the scope of the 'Corona Warranty Package', which is offered for sale at prices starting from 3 € on international flights and 7 TL on domestic flights, SunExpress guests can take advantage of the re-reservation or ticket refund service if they present the necessary documents retrospectively up to 10 days after the flight date.

SunExpress is the air bridge position between Germany and Turkey, Turkey or in the publication travel warning to another country by Germany, the already offers a free modification and cancellation rights on the reservation and Korona Warranty Pack space for passengers to the ticket.

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