Wolfteam Women's Tournament for March 8, International Women's Day

march world women's day special wolfteam women's tournament
march world women's day special wolfteam women's tournament

Turkey's legendary FPS game in Woflteam activities continue at full speed. Wolfteam, specially developed to give action and war game lovers a completely different game experience, is an online FPS game where you can fight both as a werewolf and as a human, and you can defeat your opponents using your strong claws and werewolf skills. Turkey's legendary FPS game Wolfteam 8 March, which is performing a special tournament for women in the World Women's Day. The tournament, 8 March, Monday at 20.00, Wolfteam's picture Youtube channel youtubeIt can be watched live at .com / JoygameWolfteam.

I katreimate the clan's leading WOLFTEAM, gölgeharami are ateşletürki and shadowgirls female players to participate in the tournament.

Wolfteam clans are specially invited by Turkey, will battle for the $ 5.000 prize.

Teams participating in the tournament and their staff;

  • KatreiMatem: Arexia, Wren, Canan, Hanım, Roxxie, Victorista, Cerenimo (Y)
  • Shadow Harm: Lysia, NEONA, Moneta, LOREN, ineffablle
  • ateşletürki to: ateslekrali, the HAYALDOL of theshazly, paddigto's, atesleabl to
  • ShadowGirls: TheNatalie, MoonGirl, QueenR00T, BalGulum, PrincessJY

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