75th Year Sultandere OGÜ Tram Expeditions Start in Eskişehir

Yil Sultandere OGU Tram Expeditions Start in Eskisehir
Yil Sultandere OGU Tram Expeditions Start in Eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality is launching the 75th Yıl-Sultandere-OGÜ line, which is a continuation of this line, at 12 on Friday, March 12.00, after the Emek-Şehir Hospital tram line, which has completed its construction and put into service at great speed. Stating that they opened the City Hospital line in 2019 and that they were delayed in opening this line with the increase in exchange rate differences and the pandemic process, Mayor Büyükerşen stated that the tram line length will increase to 20 kilometers with the start of operation of the line that will serve approximately 45 thousand people.

The Metropolitan Municipality, extending the tram lines from Emek Mahallesi to the City Hospital, from there to Sultandere and 75. Yıl District by making a great investment in urban transportation, Sultandere-71. It also opens the year line. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen, who participated in the last test drives and gave information about the line, stated that this line, which will permanently solve the transportation problem of the 75 Yıl Mahallesi residents, will also provide transportation to ESTİM and Auto Center. Büyükerşen said, “First of all, I would like to share with our citizens the reasons for the delay in opening the line, which is also reflected in the press. It has been 75 years since we put the City Hospital line into service. The pandemic process that intervened in this period significantly affected our work. In addition, the increase in exchange rate differences over the 2-year period caused various delays. I am very happy to put this line into service, even if it is delayed. If we come to information about the line, we will start our 2. Yıl-Sultandere-Osmangazi University line at 12 on March 2021, 12. This line will run on the route 75.Yil Mahallesi-Sultandere District-City Hospital-12.00 Evler-Emek-Odunpazarı-Municipality and Osmangazi University. With the opening of the line, transportation from the city center to the area known as ESTİM and Auto Center will be provided by tram. Our citizens will be able to benefit from our flights free of charge for the first 75 days, ”he said.

"We will open the Opera-Kumlubel line as soon as possible and then we want to take the tram to the north of the city."

On the other hand, Mayor Büyükerşen stated that the works on the Opera-Kumlubel line are continuing rapidly and that the last deficiencies will be completed and this line will be put into service as soon as possible, and stated that they want to take the tram to the northern neighborhoods, especially Eskişehir Technical University. Büyükerşen said, “We continue our work on our Kumlubel line. With the completion of the deficiencies, we will open this line and our tram line length will increase to 55 kilometers. After we put this line into your service, we will take the tram to our neighborhoods in the north of the city. We will definitely take the tram to Eskişehir Technical University Campus with its new name, 2 Eylül Campus, and to our northern neighborhoods. The feasibility and project studies required for those lines are continuing. "We want to start these lines as soon as we can," he said.

Citizens 75. Yıl-OGÜ line departure times as of 12 March http://www.eskisehir.bel.tr ve http://www.estram.com.tr and use this line free of charge for 22 days until March 10.

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