Turkey's Arms Exports Increased 5 Percent in Last 30 Years

In recent years in the face of increased export weapons turkiyenin
In recent years in the face of increased export weapons turkiyenin

According to new data released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Turkey's arms exports increased by 5% last 30 years.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has established a new report released by Turkey's based his arms exports between the years 2016 to 2020 compared to the exports increased by 2011% between the years 2015-30. Said increases with Turkey, which takes place in the ranking of other countries also engaged in arms exports moved up to 13th.

Turkey's exports respectively in his first three countries Oman, Turkmenistan and Malaysia are taking place. Turkey's report, Oman's most imports from 3rd and makes Malaysia's imports is said to be the 3nd most countries.

The weapons held between Turkey's imports decreased by 2016% compared to the 2020-2011 years between 2015-59. Thus, Turkey imports went down as the ordinary rank 6th in 20th.

The first three countries in Turkey's imports from the United States, is taking place in Italy and Spain. According to data contained in the report, Turkey, Spain and Italy, where most exports as 3rd most exporting country is in the 3st position.

At the beginning of the same period that imports from the United States range of countries ranking in the top 3 at the Turkey's imports from the USA decreased by 81% according to recent data. Thus, Turkey indie said ranking in 19th place.

According to the report, Turkey's share of worldwide arms imports between the years 2016-2020 was 1,5% while the share of exports is stated as 0,7%.

SIPRI, Turkey faced the embargo on the import of states that could substantially affect. In the report, in 2019 in Turkey with importing air defense systems from Russia, the United States is SIPRI Referring to stop the war aircraft deliveries Turkey, was riot even if these events occur, the decrease in exports of US arms to Turkey mean to be so harsh.

However, the known covert embargo applied to the outside of the embargo Turkey also played an important role in the decline of Turkey's imports. Turkey is making intensive efforts to indigenization subsystems covered embargo applied.

Source: defenceturk

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