Jump Up Your Body Frequency

zip up your body frequency
zip up your body frequency

📩 25/02/2021 14:40

Energy Medicine Specialist Emine Baran warns that the human body frequency is a trigger for the changes in the world and fear consciousness can drive the entire universe to disasters.

“We have to be careful with what we think. We shape the world. " Referring to the importance of being in harmony with the frequency of the world, Baran draws attention to the importance of some exercises that we can do during the day for this adaptation. To hug a tree or even jump. Did you know that you can increase your body frequency with simple methods?

Capture the Rhythm of the World

Stating the importance of the harmony of the body frequency with the world frequency, Baran said, “We are swimming in the sea of ​​energy in the universe; With our own frequency, we affect and are affected by the whole system. The Schumann resonance, named after the scientist who measured the frequency of the earth, shed light on this information. We must also admit that what we think shapes the world when the balance of the whole world is in a dimension of frequency. When the unborn baby hears the mother's heart rhythm, she receives the signal that she is safe and relaxes. This situation causes him to long for that frequency after he is born. As the baby grows, it captures that frequency rhythm with the heart rhythm of the world expressed by the shumann resonance. At that frequency it balances and relaxes, and the energetic frequency bond between the uterus and the earth becomes clear. As another explanatory example, astronauts going into space were observed to go into deep depression after three months. Studies show that moving away from the frequency of the world creates deep physical and spiritual effects. “

Earthquake Fear Triggers Earthquake

In wars, the frequency of the world increases from 7 speeds to 12-13 hz with heavy explosions. We also play with the frequency of the world with the awareness of fear. For example, the more the fear of earthquakes takes place in the consciousness and rises, it will increase its frequency in the world and cause a reaction. The world shaped by our consciousness is purified only if we are purified, and if we are in silence it can be relieved. In fact, we all see the world with the frequency of our consciousness and establish relationships according to our frequency. In the developing technology and science age, our expressions are changing as I liked its energy, my frequency is changing. Now it shows our consciousness to realize that we are beings made of energy. It is a gift for human beings to read and use the energy science that describes creation correctly. Balancing our own frequency and rhythm will balance the world.

Hug the Tree, Jump

Energy Medicine Specialist Emine Baran talks about simple techniques that will increase our frequency.

  • Consciously taking deep breaths in fresh air for 1 minute
  • With breathing, massaging the space just below our collarbone or rhythmic beats, respectively, will raise our frequency.
  • Jumping where you are and laughing while jumping
  • Exercises that refresh our meridian energy flow in the body
  • Movement is very important, even if the daily is short, you can exercise and dance.
  • Hug the tree, step on the ground with bare feet
  • Taking a shower and using salt in the shower balances our frequency
  • Water consumption is very important. Speaking and transferring low-frequency thoughts and emotions to food decreases the frequency while consuming food as in water.
  • The use of copper will absorb magnetic waves that lower our frequency

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