Laying the Foundations of the New Industrial Site is a Milestone for Konya

Laying the foundation of the new industrial site is a milestone for Konya
Laying the foundation of the new industrial site is a milestone for Konya

📩 18/02/2021 15:51

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, which is one of Turkey's largest industrial and transport projects Former Industry held a press conference about moving to Konya Karatay Industrial New Industrial Estate.

At the press conference held in the Metropolitan Municipality Mevlana Cultural Center, Mayor Altay started his speech by congratulating the Regaip Kandil of the entire Islamic public.


Noting that they are working day and night to fulfill their promises while explaining the projects, Mayor Altay said that they are in an effort to bring more to Konya, not just their promises. Mayor Altay said, “Laying the foundations of the New Industrial Site is an important milestone. Because the current situation of Eski Sanayi and Karatay Sanayi almost ended his life and became a dead, but the funeral ceremony was not held. We did this on Monday, alhamdulillah. An important step has been taken to solve this important problem of Konya. With its physical structure, we are eliminating more than serving our employees and citizens who come to serve the industry. In addition, a factor affecting the image, noise and environmental pollution in the center of Konya will hopefully be moved to the new industrial area. " said.


Mayor Altay, who also explained how the transformation of the Old Industry started, continued his speech as follows: “In Eski Sanayi and Karatay Sanayi, there is an area of ​​1 thousand square meters in an area of ​​800 million square meters. Industry Urban Transformation Association was established at the beginning of the work we carried out with our 2 thousand 858 tradesmen. A meeting was held with all of our tradesmen through this association. Our aim here was to move to a new place in the same way that they can continue their lives together with all the occupational groups working in them, apart from the industrial property owners. At the end of the negotiations, an agreement was reached and a pre-protocol was signed. With that protocol, both the right holders and the payment terms were determined with the following works. For payment, our tradesmen were offered a maturity of 36 to 120 months. Thus, our tradesmen, who suffered from Eski Sanayi and Karatay Sanayi as tenants, had the opportunity to own a workplace under favorable conditions. 2 thousand 856 people out of 2 thousand 653 people made a preliminary application. Only 300 of them will be property owners, all remaining will be tenants, first time business owners. I definitely want to emphasize this. "


Mayor Altay emphasized that the 2 million 80 thousand square meters area, which was transferred to the Konya Metropolitan Municipality for the new industrial area, was transferred to TOKİ and said, “The current value of this 2 million square meter area is approximately 1,5 billion TL. As Konya Metropolitan, we transferred this area of ​​2 million 80 thousand square meters to TOKİ with a real estate declaration value of approximately 60 million lira in order to contribute to this project and to enable our tradesmen to own shops. We did this as a sacrifice for both our city and our shopkeepers. Just as we sacrificed for the establishment of ASELSAN Konya and the fact that it is a Technology Industrial Zone. Because one of the most important duties of Konya Metropolitan Municipality is to contribute to the development of this city and to solve the problems of this city. TOKI will make an investment of over 1 billion liras here within 2 years. " used the expressions.


One of the biggest industrial transformation projects carried out so far in Turkey Project Noting that President Altai, said: "800 thousand square meters, which is an area of ​​2 thousand 850 eligible place is a very difficult task to accomplish. I would like to thank our industrialists and tradesmen here. We started the business with 2 thousand 850 and we have achieved 2 percent success by moving 550 thousand 90 people. We did not experience any resentment, any discussion, no problem in the process. I would like to thank the industrialist from Konya and the tradesmen from Konya on behalf of all of Konya. We completed this process with the courage we received from them. When the process is completed, we will carry out a demolition on an area of ​​800 thousand square meters and make a project worthy of Konya. Latter; Konya will have gained a new industry befitting itself. The new industry is about 2 and a half times the size of the old one; There are walking paths, bicycle paths, parking areas, educational institution areas. The construction cost of the entire 1 million square meter area related to the roads is carried out by TOKI. None of the fees related to this were reflected on our tradesmen. In other words, the tradesman only pays the land price and construction cost of the closed area built for him. All infrastructure expenses will be covered by TOKI free of charge. "


President Altay stated that the construction of Konya New Industrial Site, which is very important for Konya, will be completed in two years and that the old industrial trades will move to the industrial area in 2023 and said, “We would like to thank our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Mr. I would like to thank Murat Kurum, our Vice President, Mr. Leyla Sahin Usta, our deputies and our Provincial President. On behalf of all people of Konya, I would like to thank the President of the Union of Chambers of Tradesmen. During the coronavirus period, our Minister of Environment and Urbanization has made great efforts in the realization of such a large project. I thank them on behalf of all people of Konya. And a thank you to our TOKI President, Mr. Ömer Bulut. It is a very costly job for TOKI, but it is done. We are making Konya's dreams come true hand in hand. Mevlana Bazaar is demolished, a new market is being built. Demolition procedures were initiated in the Golden Bazaar. Conversion is being made regarding the old Industry. These were the agendas of Konya for 40 years. Alhamdulillah it was our duty to solve it. No matter how much we pray, we cannot be thankful. " he spoke.


President Altay stated that they will be announcing two more good news soon in his speech where he gave information about the ongoing projects they have implemented and continued since the day they took office, and said, “Hopefully in the next meeting, we will present you a new good news about the ammunition depots, which are very important for Konya. The process there is now coming to an end. We are about to complete a project in Akyokuş, where we all somehow take our guests. We are planning to start it this year as well. It was a difficult process due to the 2020 pandemic conditions, but we continue to work non-stop, without rest. I hope Konya will be much better tomorrow. We strive, we strive. Expedition is on us, victory is on Allah. " He finished his speech with his expressions.

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