EIA Process for New Ankara Istanbul YHT Line Started

CED process for the new ankara istanbul yht line has started
CED process for the new ankara istanbul yht line has started

📩 10/02/2021 11:07

The EIA process for the new Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line, which will pass through 6 districts in Kocaeli, has started. The details of the technical studies related to the project were also revealed in the prepared EIA report. Approximately 70 kilometers of project is expected to be completed in 7 years and 600 workers are expected to work in the project.

According to the report of Süriye Çatak Tek from Özgür Kocaeli Newspaper; “The EIA process of the new High Speed ​​Line project, which is planned to be built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure State Railways, has been on the agenda for many years and is planned to pass in parallel with the Northern Marmara Motorway. Regarding the EIA process that started on February 5th, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will decide whether an EIA is necessary or not, and the studies will begin. With the construction of the new line, the existing line on the coast will only transport suburban and freight.


With the EIA report prepared by ERYE Engineering, the EIA process was initiated. The ministry regarding the EIA process is expected to make its decision in the coming days. In the event that an EIA is required report, a public participation meeting will be held at a specified point in Kocaeli and citizens in 6 districts will attend the meeting and express their opinions. Particularly in Kartepe region, it is expected that the participation will be higher since the project passes through residential areas.


In the prepared EIA report, technical information about the line to be made was given in the uncertain preliminary report of the project. While the planned route is expected to be approximately 70,4 kilometers long, tunnels and viaducts will be crossed in places where the topography and area qualification of the project is not suitable. In this context, 41 thousand 432 meters of tunnels and 3 viaducts with a length of 204 thousand 9 meters will be built. In addition, 4 underpasses, 4 overpasses and 31 culverts will be built in order to ensure pedestrian passage in parts of the railway line that intersect with the highway.


In the report, it was pointed out that no new quarry and crushing-screening facility are planned, as the filling materials such as crushed stone and aggregate required within the scope of the project will be taken from the existing quarries and crushing-screening facilities in the region. It was stated in the prepared EIA report that the project will be completed in 7 years and 600 workers will work within the scope of the project. In addition, it is planned to employ 40 people at the station to be built in Izmit.


  • Kartepe: Cranberry, Bahçelievler, Uzunbey District
  • İzmit: Eseler, Durhasan, Çayırköy, Basket Shop, Sekbanlı, Kabaoğlu District
  • Derince: Toylar District
  • Bay: Sipahiler, Şemsettin, Naipköy Mahallesi
  • Dilovası: Tepecik District
  • Gebze: Denizli, Mollafenari, Balçık District

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