Snow Volleyball Tournament Held at Yedikuyular Ski Center

Snow volleyball tournament was held at Yedikuyular Ski Center
Snow volleyball tournament was held at Yedikuyular Ski Center

"Snow Volleyball Tournament" was organized by Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality at Yedikuyular Ski Center. Organized with the participation of 16 teams and 32 competitors, the tournament is the first tournament of the city in this branch. Mayor Güngör said, “Yedikuyular will be in the foreground with sports as well as tourism”.

The "Snow Volleyball Tournament" was organized in cooperation with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality and the Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate. important winter tourism and winter sports facilities in the total activity carried out in Yedikuyu Ski Center is located 16 teams and 32 competitors participated in Turkey. The teams competed fiercely in the facility where the snow thickness exceeded 100 centimeters in places. It was stated that the event held within the framework of pandemic measures was the first tournament held in Kahramanmaraş in this sports branch. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of Kahramanmaraş's liberation from enemy invasion, the athletes competing in the tournament were awarded with the "Independence Cup" in addition to the medal. In the tournament held, Damla and Fatmanur came first in the women's category, Mine and Sudenaz came second, and Nurgül and Özlem shared the third place. The awards were given to the winners in the women's category by the Youth and Sports Provincial Director Cemil Boz. In the men's category, Yusuf Can and Süleyman were the first, Gürbüz and Can Bartu were the second, and Selçuk and Milcan were the third. The athletes who ranked in the men's category received their awards from Hayrettin Güngör, Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality.

A First in Kahramanmaraş

Speaking at the tournament award ceremony, Mayor Güngör said, “The Snow Volleyball Tournament organized by our Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality and the Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate was a first for our city. With our infrastructure and superstructure investments in Yedikuyular Ski Center, we have the opportunity to make it the fastest accessible center, including the surrounding provinces. Of course, I hope this facility will come to the fore with sports activities as well as technical touristic investments such as a variety of tracks, ski lifts, bungalow houses, and covered bazaar. In the upcoming days, we will host our guests, especially from neighboring cities, at our facility on the occasion of being both a touristic and sporting attraction center ”.

Thanks to the Architect of the Event

Youth and Sports Provincial Director Cemil Boz, on the other hand, said about the event: “Our young athletes trained by our expert trainers within our Provincial Directorate competed in our Snow Volleyball Tournament. Witnessing their achievements and potential reveals the importance of this type of activity. With the high coordination we provide with Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, we strive to increase sports activities day by day and to train successful athletes from our Kahramanmaraş. From here, once again, I would like to thank our Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hayrettin Güngör and all our municipality, the great laborer and architect of the event ”.



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