When do I need a Summer Tire? Is Winter Tire Used In Summer?


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Tires are one of the most important and vital parts of the car, and choosing the right season is just as important when choosing tires. Of winter tire summer tireAlthough there is a perception that it is more expensive and short-lived than it is, there is no truth to it. All season tire models are produced in accordance with the conditions of that season and their service life is an average of 5 years. Although the prices differ according to the sizes and brands, it would not be correct to say that one is more expensive than the other. Every brand makes tire campaigns in certain periods and the most important point is to buy the tire before the season arrives.

When Do You Need Summer Tires?

In the warmer season when the temperature is above 7 ° C, your wheels summer tires you must wear. Thanks to their special tread patterns and tread components, they provide high levels of grip on wet and dry roads. Summer tires also provide high stability in corners and optimum mileage in summer temperatures. This means you can safely drive your car on both dry and wet slippery roads during the warmer months. Remember, however, that summer tires are not suitable for winter conditions, so be sure to change your tires when the season demands it. If you follow tire campaigns, you can get the right tire at the right time.

Why You Should Not Use Winter Tires In Summer?

There are good reasons why winter tires are so indispensable in winter. It is made of special flexible rubber compounds and has unique tread designs to provide the best grip on snowy and icy road conditions. They work best in cold weather and winter rains and provide drivers with confidence and safety in potentially dangerous situations.

But when it comes to colder climates, such tires are the undisputed champion, while the same properties put them at a disadvantage when used at higher temperatures.

  1. Winter Tires Don't Like Hot Roads

The softer tread of a winter tire wears out much faster on hot asphalt. It has a rubber compound formulated to remain soft and pliable when the temperature drops below 7 ° C, which is not useful in rising temperatures in the summer. Special components are very effective to reduce the negative effects of cold weather and provide traction in winter conditions. Summer tire Offers better braking in dry and wet conditions than a winter tire.

  1. Increased Fuel Consumption

If you use winter tires in the summer, another thing you need to know is that you will pay more for the fuel. Summer tires allows you to save fuel.

  1. Transport and Safety Impacts

If you do not switch to all-season or summer tires in hot weather, your vehicle will not have optimum handling capabilities for safety, especially if you have to make sudden turns.

Summer Tire Campaigns

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