Avalanche Exercise at an altitude of 2 thousand 225 altitude in Van took its breath away

The jig application at a thousand altitude in the van stopped breathing
The jig application at a thousand altitude in the van stopped breathing

In Van, where avalanches falling from high altitude mountains caused pain in the past, an avalanche team consisting of 200 security guards completed the 5-day tough training. Following the theoretical information provided by the Provincial Directorate, the security guards learned in practice what should be done during search and rescue in the snowy land, and conducted an avalanche drill at the Kurubaş Pass at 2 thousand 225 altitude.

In the region where the snow thickness reached 2 meters in places, the teams raced over time to save 3 people who were under avalanche according to the scenario. In the exercise, in which the search and rescue dog Poyraz was also used, the wounded were taken out from under the snow in a short time and reached the ambulance with a stretcher.

The security guards got full marks from the audience with their performance during the exercise, which was the scene of breathtaking images. Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the Governor and Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who watched the drill, said that there are many points in the region with avalanche risk. Reminding that 42 people lost their lives in the avalanches that fell on the Van-Bahçesaray highway last year, Bilmez said:

We have a very difficult geography. Our four districts carry risks in terms of avalanches. From time to time, we lose our lives due to avalanches. Our most risky districts are Bahçesaray, Çatak, Başkale and Muradiye. In order to respond to avalanches that may occur in these regions in a timely manner, 200 security guards were given a 5-day training to carry out avalanche search and rescue activities. Today, our friends who completed the training carried out the avalanche drill. These friends will be trained every year and will be ready for avalanche events.

Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) Provincial Director Ali İhsan Körpeş, on the other hand, is very dangerous in terms of avalanches in our region. We need to take measures regarding this. In this context, we trained our security guards from 4 districts. These teams will be able to intervene in avalanches quickly and effectively. It was a very productive training. We will equip the teams with the tools and equipment used in search and rescue. he spoke.

The exercise was followed by the Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Yüksel Yiğit and the institution chiefs.



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