Prolonged Covid Increases the Risk of Stroke

Prolonged covid increases the risk of stroke
Prolonged covid increases the risk of stroke

A new one is added every day to the information about the effects of Covid-19 infection on our body. It is now known that the virus, which attracted attention with its damage on the respiratory system at first, also affects the nervous system, causing an increase in fatal risks such as stroke. For this reason, Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Neurology Specialist, who emphasized that especially those with high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases should be more careful during the pandemic period. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı stated that various nervous system diseases and stroke can be seen after infection. Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı made important warnings and suggestions for the prolonged Covid period.

Watch out for sudden loss of strength, speech and balance disorders!

While "cerebrovascular" or "cerebral vascular" disease, popularly referred to as "stroke", can occur at any age, it is mostly seen in men around the age of 70 in women and 75 years old. The World Health Organization defines the picture of stroke as "brain dysfunction due to a vascular cause, showing sudden onset and rapid development, lasting 24 hours or longer, which can lead to death". Noting that stroke symptoms may be "loss of strength and feeling on one side of the body, speech disorder, balance disorder, inability to see one side, loss of balance", Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı, “We can first consider stroke in two main groups as 'cerebral hemorrhage / hemorrhagic stroke' and 'cerebral vascular occlusion / ischemic stroke'. Bleeding can occur within the brain's own tissue or between the brain and the membranes surrounding the brain. Vascular occlusion, or the picture known as 'clot beating' among the people, may be due to the stenosis in the large arteries exceeding a critical level, the occlusion of a further blood vessel from these vessels or the blockage in smaller vessels. In addition, in some heart diseases, the clot formed in the heart can block the brain vessels. " says.

The risk group should be more careful

In particular, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea syndrome and heart diseases increase the risk of stroke. Stating that the effects of the infection caused by the Covid-19 virus on the nervous system gradually emerge, it is more important to be protected against stroke, Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı gives the following information about the effects of Covid-19 on the nervous system: “Due to Covid-19 infection, involvement can occur at almost every level of the nervous system. There may be relatively innocent afflictions such as headaches, as well as more serious illnesses such as inflammation of the brain or spinal cord inflammation manifested in the form of inflammation in the brain. In addition, there were Covid-19 patients who came across with epilepsy (epilepsy) seizures. Loss of strength and sensory disturbances resulting from the affected fibers of the nervous system distributed throughout the body (polyneuropathy) were also reported in the literature. Covid-19 is an infection that also damages the vessels and damage to the vessels is a serious and important problem for the brain, just like other organs.

Coagulation leads to stroke

Stating that these effects of Covid-19 on the nervous system increase the risk of stroke, Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı said the reasons for this situation: “The virus binds to a receptor in the cells that we call the endothelium surrounding the inner surface of the vein, disrupting the function of these cells and therefore the inner surface of the vessel becomes suitable for clot formation. Another reason is that blood, which should normally be a fluid in the vein, loses this property and turns into a clot. As a result, vascular occlusion occurs. It is known that the virus causes bleeding in some patients as well as vascular occlusion. " explains in words.

It can also trigger MS attacks

So when do these effects occur and does the risk persist even if the infection is gone? Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı states that the effect of Covid-19 on the nervous system occurs especially in the early period of the disease and adds: This is the first time we encounter patients who have had an MS (Multiple Sclerosis) attack after standing up. This suggests that even if the infection is gone, the risk may continue. "

The effects of the prolonged Covid vary according to the patient

The "Long-Covid" (long Covid) effects of Covid-19 on the nervous system vary from patient to patient. While it is very mild in some patients, it can sometimes be fatal. "Depending on the affected part of the nervous system, permanent problems such as permanent paralysis, memory problems, vision problems can be seen." said Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı also states that temporary or permanent paralysis may be seen in groups with high risk of stroke. Providing information about what can be done to reduce this risk, Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Mustafa Emir Tavşanlı says: “First of all, getting rid of excess weight comes. This is possible with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Because excess weight causes high blood pressure, insulin resistance and related diabetes, fat accumulation in the vessels, and in general, mechanisms that will cause damage in all vessels. It is important that people with high blood pressure and diabetes take their medications regularly and do not interfere with their routine controls. "

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