Quickly Becomes the Users Data Loss Panic in Turkey

Turks quickly panic when losing data
Turks quickly panic when losing data

2020 has been a year in which serious increases were seen in data loss. indicating especially the remote work that increases the data recovery request from the personal device with settlement in many areas of Data Recovery Services General Manager Sarah Günal most hard disks in Turkey, that conveys seen the data recovery request from the laptop and phone.

While the global pandemic process changed workflows and organizational structures, the demands for data recovery also increased. Old is normally occurs the recovery demand for more personal data, but the data companies between these demands with the new normal also pointed out that intensively including Data Recovery Services General Manager Sarah Günal of data loss that the majority of caused by user error Turkey sums up the general view in private.

When Data Is Unavailable, There Is A Quick Panic

The biggest advantage of technological developments is that it provides great convenience in creating and accessing data. The only disadvantage of Turkish people, who can quickly adapt to these developments, is seen as their unconsciousness in protecting data on digital devices they use. Serap Günal stated that users do not pay attention to the necessary protection measures for personal data on many hard disks, laptops and phones, and that they witnessed that Turkish users have serious concerns about panic and despair.

Along with Photos and Videos, Company Data is of Great Importance

With the transition to the new normal remote working system, it seems that many employees have access to company data through their personal devices. Serap Günal states that the users who forward data recovery requests for photos and videos are more intense in the old normal, and with the pandemic, company data is also included in these requests. Günal stated that when they realized that they had received messages of confusion that they could not access their data before, and later that problems occurred due to user error, this mood was shaped by anxiety and help requests, Günal said that professional data recovery services can recover data in this process, but unprofessional interventions applied by individual users have serious data losses. He points out that it causes an increase in rate.

Avoid Intervention

When there are problems with the devices, the general opinion of all experts is that users intervene incorrectly. Most of the data cannot be recovered due to improper tampering with the devices. Serap Günal, General Manager of Data Recovery Services, stated that any non-professional technique that is considered to be successful as a result of an action will destroy the data and states that it is necessary to get support from experts and data recovery centers with high-standard laboratories for data recovery.

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