With investment of $ 30 million Xiaomi Production Begins in Turkey

Turkiyede with xiao my million dollar investment is starting to uretimde
Turkiyede with xiao my million dollar investment is starting to uretimde

Turkey, which Xiaomimi global technology leader in Avcılar with an investment of $ 30 million will go into production at the plant will be the fourth country in the world with brands.

The latest global technology leader in innovative technologies Xiaomi aims to make accessible to everyone, the smart phone will start production in Turkey in the first quarter of 2021. With this investment, the brand will employ approximately 2000 people, both blue collar and white collar. The factory to be implemented in cooperation with Salcomp will have an annual production capacity of 5 million telephones.

Xiaomi Country Manager for Turkey on the issue Usher Liu: "Xiaomi family as our journey which began in Turkey in 2019. We are very proud to bring us to this point. Since the first day it is embracing us, that Turkey's number one smartphone brand as one of its most popular technology brands and thank the Turkish people. " said.

Liu said, “As Xiaomi, our top priority is to become a local part of that region by creating added value in every region we are in. Due to this reason, Turkey is the fourth generation of the country will make us very happy. For us, one of the most valuable market to invest our work continues unabated in Turkey, we hope to move one step further each time. We heard being our board factory will start production in Turkey over an area of ​​approximately 14 thousand square meters would love to share the excitement. " he finished.

Salcomp Manufacturing Director David Chang about Europe: "Turkey and Turkish producers to bring new technologies to the market, we continue our work a step further in order to move forward. This investment, which we aim to contribute to the national economy, is a start for all of us. We are pleased to undertake bigger jobs in this land, ”he said.

Xiaomi working nonstop for the production of new technologies will continue to grow with new products both through investments in Turkey.



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