UPS Smart Program for Export and E-Commerce Transactions in Turkey Eases

UPS Smart program in Turkey on the export transactions and e-commerce makes it easy
UPS Smart program in Turkey on the export transactions and e-commerce makes it easy

📩 25/02/2021 11:00

According to the eMarketer research firm, consumers around the world benefit from e-commerce, a competitive retail market that grew by 2020% in 27,6. The continuous and upward growth trend of e-commerce with the epidemic forces people to turn to online shopping. Businesses that want to take advantage of this market are trying to offer the same customer experience in international trade as they do domestically. This is where UPS Smart comes into play.

free use UPS as customers in Turkey, which is an online tool now UPS Smart virtual markets and social media integration, as well as export also supported. Customers can manage the end-to-end logistics process from a single screen, access all kinds of shipment data, calculate taxes, answer customers' questions, and create electronic invoices and shipping labels.

Ibrahim Buluter, founder of the online, says: “I feel that my brand is getting stronger, thanks to the services provided by UPS and its efforts to grow my business. With UPS's global network and years of experience, I can prepare shipments faster and manage various customer demands and expectations seamlessly. Above all, I can easily manage complex business processes without wasting much time using the UPS Smart application. On the other hand, UPS Smart provides a unique convenience and tracking system for export shipments.

Customers no longer be so easily as before Turkey's most important virtual market place which allows you to perform the UPS Smart integration with e-commerce and export; speed, providing the trust and to compete in the international arena and Turkey to participate in the growing $ 170 billion export market offers digital customer experience. UPS Smart tools, such as the Ministry of Commerce in 2020 and 213 billion dollars, which it expects to rise to 2021 billion dollars in 240, already plays an important role in Turkey's growing e-commerce market.

UPS Turkey General Manager Burak Kilic, adding: "The unprecedented rise in e-commerce and we see new opportunities for online retail businesses. Thanks to our customer-centric approach, we develop solutions that make global trade easier than ever before for our customers. UPS Smart, with its unique features, enables our customers to provide the most important services with solutions that offer speed, reliability and excellent customer service. There are tremendous opportunities for businesses of all types, and we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and help them operate both domestically and internationally so they can enter the global market. ”

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