Turkey's First One Hundred Percent Domestic Electric Metrobus Introduced OSTİM

metrobus of electric domestic ostium my face was introduced in the first face turkiyenin
metrobus of electric domestic ostium my face was introduced in the first face turkiyenin

📩 12/04/2023 08:02

Turkey's first domestic electric generating the Metrobus and so far all electric buses carrying the flag of our country opened in the area and a new generation of environmentally friendly transport technologies winning the tender, ARUS member BozankayaElectric metrobus was introduced in OSTİM.

Within the scope of promotion; OSTIM Technical University and Bozankaya A.S. signed a cooperation protocol.

The signing ceremony was attended by Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) President Nurettin Özdebir, Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) President Gürsel Baran, OSTİM Executive Board Chairman Orhan Aydın, OSTİM Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, Bozankaya A.S. Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, university students and industrialists attended.

After the ceremony, Ankara city tour was organized with Hundred Percent Electric Local Metrobus.

The vehicle will be waiting for technology enthusiasts in front of OSTİM OSB for a month.

Used in 9 cities

Bozankaya A.S. Aytunç Chairman Gunay, 25 meters from the 7 years that they produce electric buses used in Turkey, he said.

Pointing out that the domestic vehicle travels 700 thousand km, Günay said, “In fact, our aim is to introduce you to a vehicle that we have used for 7 years and that we have served in public transportation here, and to spread this. 15 years ago, when we thought that electric buses could replace fossil fuel vehicles, we all could not go beyond imagination, but today we are watching with great pleasure and delight that these high-tech products provide mass transportation services and use their advantages. " said.

Stating that their biggest advantage as a company is to produce high-tech products, Aytunç Günay said, “In our company, tram and subway production is also carried out and we have now become able to export both the subway and the tram we have built. In this way, we both make an economic contribution to our country and we are really proud to represent a Turkish brand abroad. " made its evaluation.

14 R&D Projects with 32 universities

Emphasizing that more than 100 R&D engineers work within the company, the experienced businessman said, “So far, we have carried out 32 R&D projects together with 14 universities. We will sign a cooperation protocol in order to carry out R&D studies together with OSTIM Technical University, which is the first to be established in the heart of the industry. together with universities in Turkey that we worked together really there working with faculty and students, we believe that we have many things on the floor. From now on, we believe that we will do our good projects together with the working team of OSTIM Technical University. " conveyed his opinion.

Product of the future

OSTİM Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Yülek, Bozankaya The A.Ş., Ankara and Turkey's pupil was identified as one of the technology companies.

Drawing attention to the share of electric vehicles in the world market, Yülek said, “From now on, electric vehicles will take place as the products of the future. BozankayaWe will start our university's cooperation in the field of R&D and our students in the field of education today, with this Ankara tour. " said.

OSTİM Technical University of Ankara, the President stressed that one of the two technical universities Yule said: "Our University is Turkey's and the world's first industrial university. As you have noticed, right in the heart of the industry Bozankaya and its position together with other companies is also within the industry itself, so to speak, a university not a plaza university. Our teachers Bozankaya and many other such distinguished companies, they cooperate in the field of R&D and consultancy. Our students again Bozankaya In high-tech companies such as, they spend a course in the industry each semester, that is, during their education years. Because if we do not do this, it is very difficult for us to train engineers who do what we call maker enginers who are aware of the industry. Turkey's these types of programs, there is a need for this kind of engineer. Good luck with our local metrobus. "

"All of Turkey should come with the"

OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın noted that the local metrobus will be presented to Ankara together with OSTİM Technical University. Reminding that the electric vehicles produced by the company were introduced to the whole world at the InnoTrans Fair in Germany, Aydın said, “Bozankayalegendary bus was number one there, so we are proud of them. " said.

With OSTIM Technical University BozankayaDrawing attention to the fact that the coming together of Aydın will have very good results, Aydın expressed the following views: “This company also produced many parts of the light metro vehicle, subway vehicle and high speed train, which are also known in Europe and have places located there. is a domestic and national brand that has the capacity to do it. Therefore, I would like to state here that we, as ARUS, will also do everything related to them and we are ready to do anything with this company. But I hope that the media presence: This bus should come with the whole of Turkey. Look, we are raking the floors to make a domestic car, the company that built the local bus. We built the local bus, hit it with its own brand nationally, that is, we built our bus. Look how much it takes to build a car for us, it requires performance, yet we did it and we built the bus. "

"Our buses are used in the European Union"

ATO President Gürsel Baran, BozankayaHe expressed that 'is one of the important brands of Ankara.

Noting that the company serves local governments in many parts of the world with domestic production, Baran said: “It was 2 years ago, there was delivery to the Municipality of Thailand. Today, our buses and metrobuses are used in the European Union. BozankayaOur buses, which are our source of pride, produced by Turkey are located in European Union countries, they are very precious to us.

We need university-industry cooperation, vocational training, branding and value-added production, because we are a country that produces current account deficit. We have more expenses than our income, we need these productions and brands in order to cover this, I think it is really very important for the future of this country. "

"Our Ankara needs"

ASO President Nurettin Özdebir, drawing attention to the value of the domestic electric metrobus, Özdebir said, “Two issues stand out on the agenda of the whole world. One of them is digital transformation and the second is green economy. ” said.

Emphasizing that the green economy is not just about emissions, Özdebir said, “It is a type of economy that envisages not only economic development but also qualified development. One of the most important in this type of economy is to take certain measures, especially the control of our emissions, in order to ensure that people live in a healthy life in the world we live in, and the value created is shared equally by the broad masses of people and their countries. This technology, which has led us to be here today, is extremely important to protect the air we breathe, which is the basis of the green economy, the green world and the healthy life of people, our atmosphere, the air we breathe, which protects us from the harmful effects of the sun, which is the armor of the earth. conveyed his opinion.

Özdebir drew attention to the air pollution that will be created by the diesel fuel used by such a large vehicle in the city, especially in a city such as Ankara, and said: “I witnessed that it has been produced for 7-8 years. My witness, there are already municipalities in our country, I called and talked and introduced many of them. Ankara is worthy of this vehicle, our Ankara also needs it. "

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