Turkey's Largest Glass have started the construction of the terrace

turkiyenin was started the construction of the largest glass tera
turkiyenin was started the construction of the largest glass tera

📩 19/02/2021 13:40

Construction of the Rumkale Glass Terrace Project, which is also in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, started. The project is expected to be completed by June 2021 at the latest.

Gaziantep, nature, history and religious tourism in terms of 5 Rumkale ancient city, an important center of attraction Governorate of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and began the construction of partnership projects in Turkey's largest glass terrace. The glass terrace, which will see Rumkale from the full front, will offer a visual pleasure to its visitors, while at the same time, the historical structure of the region will be made more visible. The project, which will be established on a wider area of ​​12 thousand 441 square meters than other examples across the country, consists of 327 square meters of glass terrace, as well as a single-storey restaurant on 225 square meters, ticket sales offices, 7 units of 25 square meters of local product sales units, 60 passenger vehicles, 9 buses. and a minibus, parking lot and masjid with a capacity of 69 vehicles will be available.


Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who went to Rumkale to see the project on site, announced that the construction of the glass terrace, which will be in an important place in terms of tourism, said, “The Euphrates basin is a great treasure for us. The city will become a center of attraction with the glass terrace to be completed in the region. There is history, civilization and geography in front of the glass terrace. Actually, it's too late. We had to introduce this beauty to the world before. By turning the pandemic into an opportunity, we accelerated the activities we carried out for the city during the restriction. Maybe the leaf did not move in the city during the epidemic, but we turned the city into a construction site. We have serious work in cultural tourism inside and outside. Immunizations were done, we hope we will welcome people back to normal here in Turkey's largest glass terrace made, "he said.

Stating that visitors coming to the region will eat küşleme kebab and baklava against Fırat and Rumkale and then drink menengiç coffee, President Şahin said that we are at the end of a study that combines this beauty with taste. When we achieve this, we will reach our goal. We are aiming for millions of people to come here. This job is promotion and facility business. Hopefully, we will make this place a center of attraction in a short time ”.


The Gaziantep Governor David Gul, Turkey's largest glass terrace would be expressed, "the project, we will put into service a very nice architecture citizens without damaging nature. In order to watch the beauty of Rumkale, we are building a very beautiful glass terrace where you can see the castle directly. Our construction has started and will be completed in June. The feature of this glass terrace is that it is 270 square meters. Turkey will be the largest of glass on the terrace. We do it with a beautiful architecture without harming nature. At the same time, we are building a water sports center so that people who come here can meet Fırat and can do water sports. I hope it will be completed within this year. There will be places such as parking lots and sales points in the project. He will be able to host visitors this year ”.

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