Contactless Month Period Begins in Turkey

The period is starting contactless payment turkiyede
The period is starting contactless payment turkiyede

📩 18/02/2021 11:32

Turkey's financial technology company offering next-generation payment solutions Sipay, corporate and individual users of products and services offered range has incorporated a new application.

installment in physical stores as contactless payments via mobile POS system as a first in Turkey makes shopping infrastructure. Sipay General Manager Semih Muşabak states that the application, which is active only in Altınbaş stores, will increase in the near future.

Sipay innovative financial technology company in Turkey, currently corporate and individual users to the digital wallet, providing new generation payment infrastructure systems, such as virtual POS and linked to pay. Sipay now carries the virtual POS infrastructure it provides for e-commerce to physical stores via mobile and offers contactless and installment shopping by turning smart phones into mobile POS. This innovative application, which was first launched in Altınbaş stores, will soon become widespread in different sectors.

Semih Muşabak, General Manager of Sipay, the award-winning company of payment systems, said the following about the contactless installment application: “With this service we launched at Altınbaş stores, we moved the virtual POS infrastructure we provide for e-commerce to the physical store via mobile. In short, we turned phones into mobile POS and started to offer contactless and, moreover, installment shopping. Currently, there is no other application in the industry that offers installments for contactless payments. In this application, where we use the virtual POS infrastructure, the customer gives confirmation of contactless payment by using the OTP SMS (instant and one-time password) sent to his smartphone. As a pilot, we aim to spread this practice, which we started in Altınbaş stores, quickly in the field and spread it in different sectors. "

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