Turkcell's New Generation Recruitment Program GNÇYTNK Applications Started

applications for turkcellin new generation gncytnk recruitment program
applications for turkcellin new generation gncytnk recruitment program

The sixth term applications of GNÇYTNK, the new generation recruitment program of Turkcell, the leader of the communication and technology industry, has started.

In the program prepared as an end-to-end comprehensive experience program, candidates who complete the application and evaluation process will have the chance to have a full-time job and take their first steps in business life with Turkcell.

Applications for the new term have started at GNÇYTNK, the innovative new graduate recruitment program of Turkcell, the world's first digital operator, where young people can work full-time. In the program, which is organized for the sixth time this year, a process where young people will experience end to end and complete the application stages with fun awaits.

The GNÇYTNK program, which has attracted great interest among young people so far; Turkcell aims to add talents who will achieve results without giving up, pursue their dreams, have high technology aptitude, and can quickly adapt to new conditions. In this year's program, initiated with the slogan “If You Are Looking for the Best for Your Future, Because You Are With Turkcell”, young people exceed their boundaries in a working environment that enables continuous development with agile and flexible working principles. GNÇYTNK not only Turkcell also makes a significant contribution to Turkey's youth employment. It aims to shape the future of young people with the training and development opportunities it offers.

Serhat Demir: We made more than a thousand young people from Turkcell in 5 years

Emphasizing that they are very happy and proud to organize the sixth edition of GNÇYTNK, which is among the most comprehensive recruitment programs in Turkey, Turkcell Deputy General Manager for Legal, Regulation and Human Resources Serhat Demir said, “Thanks to the GNÇYTNK program, we have employed nearly a thousand young people in five years. Thanks to the program, we will add young talents who will shape Turkey's future to Turkcell. As Turkcell, we believe in the strength and future of our country.

As Turkey's Turkcell, it not only invests in technology; At the same time, we are investing in our youth, the future of Turkey. As Turkcell, we aim to continue and develop this unique program for many years to come. Rather than seeing the GNÇYTNK program as an election process, we define the GNÇYTNK program as a platform where young people receive training in different fields and have the opportunity to develop themselves by meeting with Turkcell employees.

The whole process will take place online

GNÇYTNK program; Senior undergraduate, graduate or doctoral students, new graduates or candidates with a maximum of two years of experience born in or after 1994 can apply through the Turkcell website. The application deadline for the program is Monday, March 1, 2021.

Candidates within the application stages; They will go through different stages such as gamified general ability, English grammar measurement, one-on-one and department interviews that they will experience online, and also be included in case studies and contest fiction tailored to the department they are interested in.

During the application process, which aims to learn while having fun, GNÇYTNK candidates; They will also contribute to their personal development through artificial intelligence applications and academy training. GNCYTNKs, who will be selected from candidates who have successfully completed all stages, will have the chance to work in many different units from Technology and Network Management to Digital Services, Sales and Marketing to Supply Chain, Human Resources and Law to Finance at Turkcell.

In addition, candidates who participate in this year's GNCYTNK program and choose the Cyber ​​Security field will also be included in the cyber security camp and will have the opportunity to receive a strong training from the best professionals in this camp. During this camp, candidates; They will attend training in Ddos Attack Types, Information Security and Malware, Access Networks and Web Security, Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Threat Hunting, Digital Forensics, Firewall, Cryptology and Identity and Role Management. Candidates who have successfully completed the Cyber ​​Camp will be able to work full-time with experienced Cyber ​​Security Experts and increase their experience and knowledge.

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