TSE Standard for Second Hand Mobile Phone Sales

tse standard for second hand mobile phones
tse standard for second hand mobile phones

Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), in order to bring second-hand mobile phones to the economy and to use them safely; published the "Workplaces - Rules for Mobile Phone Renewal Centers" standard to be certified, renewed and put up for sale. Mobile phone replacement centers to be opened according to the standard; In the second-hand phone trade, it will terminate the connection with the previous user, arrange the components of the devices that need repair and replacement, and make them ready for the next user.

A new era begins in the sale of used mobile phones. The 'Regulation on the Sale of Renewed Products' was published in the Official Gazette last year. The principles regarding the renewal, certification and resale of mobile phones and tablets were regulated by a regulation. The regulation also included information on the establishment, application and permits of renewal centers and the conditions sought for issuing renewal authorization certificates.


The "Rules for Workplaces-Mobile Phone (second-hand) Renewal Centers" standard, which includes the conditions of having a Service Qualification Certificate (HYB) for renewal centers determined by the "Regulation on the Sale of Renewed Products", was published by TSE. Cell phone replacement centers by standard; In the second hand phone purchase and sale, it will remove the causal link with the previous user. It will ensure that the devices are made ready for the next user by replacing the components that need to be repaired and replaced. The centers that will do this work will also take the responsibility of the devices. The warranty period that businesses will give to the phones will be the time specified in the 'Regulation on the Sale of Refurbished Products.


Enterprises wishing to operate as a renewal center will apply to TSE for the certification of their workplaces, including personnel qualification requirements. Renewal centers will be able to operate by obtaining a Service Qualification Certificate from TSE and a renewal authorization certificate from the Ministry of Trade.


Some of the obligations imposed by the standard on renewal centers are as follows:

- The entire Renewal Center workplace will be under the same roof.

- It will be checked whether there are any cloned, lost or stolen devices through the Mobile Device Registration System.

- Whether the second-hand mobile phones coming to the renewal center are on the "White List" in the Mobile Device Registration System will be checked via e-Government. Second-hand mobile phones whose IMEI numbers are not included in the white list will not be renewed.

- It will be determined whether there is a loss of function that prevents the device from being renewed.

- The replacement center or its authorized purchaser will receive the customer's confirmation that the second hand mobile phone has been valued, and will make the payment when accepted.

- Additional information recorded with the customer statement of the device will be compared.

- The performance tests of the device will be done with the software.

- It will be checked whether the mobile phones to be renewed from the Information Technologies and Communication Authority records are used in voice and / or data communication. The transaction will be recorded and stored for 5 years.

- The customer's declaration or commitment will be taken that all legal, administrative and criminal liability before the delivery date belongs to the customer, stating that the data contained in the mobile phones delivered to the renewal center can be destroyed without any data processing and that these data cannot be accessed again. A copy of the declaration will be given to the customer in writing or via permanent data storage.

- The replacement center performs the renewal of the second hand mobile phone; If repair or part replacement is required, it will ensure that this repair and change is made, that all information including personal data of the previous user is irreversibly destroyed, restored to factory settings, and that its performance and all functions are functioning properly.

- Outsourcing service will not be available for renewal.

- Electronic credentials of the second-hand mobile phone renewed will not be changed.

- The certification process of the renewed used mobile phone will be done. The list showing this certificate and transactions will be given with the refurbished product.

- The renewed second-hand mobile phone will be put on the market in a way that consumers can easily see, on its packaging, label, warranty certificate, invoice including IMEI number, advertisements and advertisements, with the phrase "renewed product" and workplace information.

- The information on the transactions made to the renewed mobile phone specified in the packaging, the replaced parts and the warranty terms will be in accordance with the information on the device packaging.

- When the main card of the second hand mobile phone is changed, this will be reported to the Information Technologies and Communication Authority.

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