Gaziantep Hospitals Region's Traffic Will Be Relaxed With New Transportation Project

traffic of gaziantep hospitals region will be relieved with new transportation project
traffic of gaziantep hospitals region will be relieved with new transportation project

With the new studies to be carried out by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in the hospital area and the alternative roads to be opened, transportation will be relaxed. On the other hand, a new road will be opened on the 5-kilometer line taken under the GAZIRAY Project, green areas will be built, a new attraction center will emerge by creating bicycle and walking paths.

traffic of gaziantep hospitals region will be relieved with new transportation project

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its infrastructure and superstructure works in order to increase the living standards and quality of the city, increases the number of entrance and exit road connections to ease the transportation of the area where the hospitals and hotels are located in the Mujahitler District, which is called the hospital zone. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality will construct a new 5-kilometer road to the region with the opportunity offered with the GAZIRAY Project, with the 5-kilometer section passing through the city underground. A new one-way two-lane road will be opened to the hospitals area on Ali Fuat Cebesoy Boulevard. In this way, transportation to the region will be accelerated. For citizens who want to leave the region, a one-way road arrangement will be made to ensure that they leave quickly along with alternative routes.

For the car parking problem in the hospitals area, a new parking work will be done. In addition to the road work of the underground part of GAZIRAY in an area of ​​200 thousand square meters, landscaping, green area, bicycle and walking paths will be created by evaluating the upper part. With the work to be done in the region, a new attraction center will be created.


Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who made examinations about the works to be carried out in the hospitals region, emphasized that they are making great efforts to increase the life quality of the city with all units of the institution and said, “This requires a serious infrastructure. I am so comfortable with your conscience. We are a team that succeeded in submerging 25 kilometers of GAZIRAY and 5 kilometers in the heart of the city. This is teamwork. We are very strong in Ankara. Together with our deputies and our governor, we implement projects very quickly. We actually brought the subway, taking 5 kilometers underground in the heart of the city. We have always read the stories of others, talked about their success, now we are writing our own story, our own local and national success, and this work will be passed on from generation to generation as the success of this period. 25 lines of the 2-kilometer light spring system are high speed trains. It comes from Nurdağı by drilling a 10-kilometer tunnel. With GAZIRAY, we will transport 100 thousand people per day to the other two lines. But the most important part was to get 5 kilometers underground here. On top of that, this place created a great opportunity, where the parking problem was solved, bicycle paths and green areas were built, in an area of ​​200 thousand square meters. With its landscaping, art, design and transportation infrastructure in each of the 16 stations, the city moves up. While doing this, we sit down and work with the hotel, hospital office and residents here. We told them what to do, we took their opinions and suggestions, and by applying the decision, our science works are working on the infrastructure business and our urban aesthetics are working on their design. "When people come to this region where all their problems will be solved, they will see the difference."

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