Trabzon Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Construction Begins Next Year

trabzon erzincan high speed train construction is starting next year
trabzon erzincan high speed train construction is starting next year

📩 17/02/2021 13:50

Speaking at the Trabzon 7th Ordinary Provincial Congress, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is working to bring the rail system on the Akçaabat-Arsin route into life. He said that we are completing the route studies of our Trabzon-Erzincan high-speed train project next year, and then starting the construction.

President Erdoğan said, “Do you know how much we have invested in Trabzon in the last 18 years within this framework? We invested 35 quadrillion liras in Trabzon with the old figure. With these investments, we brought 2 thousand 952 new classrooms to our city in education. As a second state university, we launched Trabzon University. We opened dormitory buildings with a capacity of 8 thousand 794 people for higher education students. Currently, the construction of our 500-person higher education dormitory and the project work of our 1500-person dormitory are continuing. We built a total of 41 sports facilities in our city, including the stadium with a capacity of 62 thousand spectators. In social aid, we transferred a total of 2 quadrillion lira to citizens in need from Trabzon. We built 15 health facilities, 52 of which are hospitals, in healthcare, and we started the construction of our Trabzon City Hospital with a bed capacity of 900. The construction of our 6 health facilities, including our city hospital, continues. We completed the construction of 8 thousand 37 houses in the collective housing, and the construction of 683 houses continues. "

Stating that Akçaabat Millet Garden was put into service and the construction of Avni Aker and Vakfıkebir Millet Gardens is continuing, Erdoğan stated that they increased the length of the divided road they took over from 73 kilometers to 262 kilometers.

Erdogan said that the remaining sections of Kanuni Boulevard, Akyazı and coastal connection roads, which they have built with a cost of approximately 1,5 billion, with tunnels, crossroads and bridges, will be completed this year.

Emphasizing that they will finish the Trabzon Aşkale road Zigana Tunnel and connection roads this year, which continues for 24 hours without interruption, Erdoğan said, “We hope to end the Of-Balaban road, Yomra, Özdil and Yağmurdere road, Of-Çay highway and Akçaabat-Düzköy road again this year. . The Minister is here, for him, Mr. Minister, I hope it will not be a problem. We are working to implement the rail system on the Akçaabat-Arsin route. We are completing the route studies of our Trabzon-Erzincan high-speed train project next year, and then we start construction. " He spoke in the form.

Erdogan put into service a facility to meet the drinking water needs of Trabzon, 2 facilities continue to be built, the Atasu Dam has been added to Trabzon, they built a total of 103 flood protection facilities in Trabzon, 211 settlements and 10 thousand He noted that they protect decares of land from floods.

Stating that they implemented an exemplary project in Solaklı Valley, Erdoğan stated that they contributed to nature tourism by carrying out the necessary studies in 9 nature parks, including Altındere Sera Lake and Uzungöl, and that they provided agricultural support to Trabzon in the amount of 2 billion liras.


  1. I am one of those who think this project is wrong. It is very costly and has poor efficiency. Because there is the most population movement from Trabzon and its surroundings to Istanbul and for this, road, airline and even seaway with a good planning are sufficient. Rail is not practical. Railroad is required to Trabzon port. Because it is the crossroads for transit transport from both South and Central Asia to Europe. For this purpose, the conventional railway to be built from Aşkale to Bayburt Gümüşhane Torul line will provide more benefits. merging this line with Nakhchivan for support will open Trabzon and Eastern Anatolia to the Indian Ocean. As YHt, extending the samsun ankara project up to fatsa and making a road connection from here will contribute more to the people of the region. Yours truly

  2. If the national wealth and energy to be spent on Erzincan Trabzon is spent on the construction of YHT between Sivas and Kars, as a result, the whole Turkish world will be united with Ankara, the capital of the largest Turkish Republic, and ISTANBUL, the ancient capital of all Turks, through Baku.

  3. On the occasion of the news of Trabzon, my suggestion to our dear state officials would be to establish a cruise company with the Black Sea economic cooperation countries and open our black sea to cruise ship tourism. A very high quality tour organization can be reached with regional tourist arrivals from the coastal cities of the countries and international tourist arrivals from Istanbul.

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