Tesla Prepares for a New, Cheaper Model at Its Factory in China

Tesla prepares for a new cheaper model at its factory
Tesla prepares for a new cheaper model at its factory

📩 19/02/2021 14:32

The subject of "Tesla is preparing for a new model", which has been spoken in the world automotive market for a while, has become clear. Tesla's officials in China have confirmed this backstage. Tesla's director in China, Tom Zhu, told Xinhua News Agency that a new model of the company will be marketed in all world markets from about $ 25 (from about 20 euros) after it is developed and manufactured in China.

In fact, at the opening ceremony of Tesla's giant facility in Shanghai at the beginning of 2020, Elon Musk announced that his company based in California will increase its investments in China and will produce other models besides Tesla Model 3 and SUV Model Y in this country. This model, which will be 100 percent electric, is the first model of this type that Tesla will manufacture outside of the United States. Tesla's model will face competition from the Volkswagen ID.3 and even the Honda E, given the price set.

No details regarding the launch date and technical specifications have been given for now. However, according to what is said among those concerned, this model will be compact and based on the model 3's platform. On the other hand, the fact that it is manufactured in relatively favorable conditions in China and the batteries to be used are different will make this model the cheapest vehicle of the Tesla series.

China is known to be the world's most comprehensive electric car market, but Tesla is preparing to set up a factory in Germany near Berlin, as well as its giant facilities in its home country and China. It is said that the company has production plans for India as well.

Source: China International Radio

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