TEMSA Avenue Electron Hits the Road in Romania

Temsan's electric vehicles hit the road in romania
Temsan's electric vehicles hit the road in romania

📩 16/02/2021 15:09

TEMSA is breaking new ground in the export of electric buses… TEMSA, which won the tender held in Buzau, Romania, will deliver 4 Avenue Electron to the city by the end of 2021. a 12-meter electric buses for the first time with this sale transaction will have been exported from Turkey.

TEMSA, which made its first electric bus export to Sweden in recent months, is reinforcing its strength in global markets with new tenders. TEMSA, which participated in the electric bus tender in Romania's Buzau city in July last year with its Avenue Electron model electric vehicles, surpassed its global competitors and became the company that took the lead. Within the scope of the tender that was concluded in the past days, TEMSA will deliver 4 Avenue Electron model electric buses developed and produced in Adana to the city in 2021. Within the scope of the tender, 2 150kw and 4 80kw charging stations will also be supplied to the city.


With these deliveries, TEMSA will be the first in the Turkish industry. The Turkish industry, which has managed to sell 6-8 and 9-meter short-body electric vehicles abroad, will export a low-floor electric bus of 12 meters for the first time. With the said export, TEMSA will also strengthen its competitive power in the European electric vehicles market.


Making evaluations on the subject, TEMSA Deputy General Manager of Sales and Marketing Hakan Koralp stated that TEMSA is among the world's leading companies in electric vehicles and said, “We have been working on electric vehicle technologies for many years within TEMSA. on the one hand the future of transportation in our vehicles that we produce at our plant in Adana and to develop value-added exports on the one hand we realized that contribute to the sustainability of our world, we support Turkey's economy. In the past months, we carried out our first electric bus export to Sweden with our 9-meter MD9 electriCITY model buses. Now, we are proud to break a new ground by exporting our 12-meter Avenue Electron model, which we have made ready for mass production, to Romania ”.


Stating that TEMSA, which joined the Sabancı Holding and Skoda Transportation partnership with the transfer processes completed last year, will achieve much greater success in electric vehicles in the future, Hakan Koralp continued as follows: “With the knowledge of our partners and competitiveness in international markets, We continue our efforts to strengthen our position in foreign markets. Electrification is the most important issue in the transportation world today. We aim to develop appropriate vehicle technologies by placing R&D and innovation as the basis of our growth strategy; We will continue to export our vehicles with different alternatives that we have made ready for mass production to the world. "


Avenue Electron, which will hit the roads in Buzau, Romania in 2021, was first introduced at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Fair held in Germany in 2018.

- The 12-meter-long vehicle has 35 seats and a passenger capacity of 90 people.

- The vehicle, which can cover a distance of 230 kilometers with a full charge, also has a fast charging feature. In this way, it can go 9 kilometers with a 90-minute charge. This makes Avenue Electron especially advantageous in urban transportation.


One innovation introduced at Avenue Electron is the single-pedal drive system. In place of the gas and brake pedals, this vehicle has only the accelerator pedal. This pedal connected to the battery enables the vehicle to accelerate and slow down or even stop when you take your foot off the pedal. While this technology increases the range of the vehicle by up to 15 percent, it also reduces the brake maintenance costs and maintenance times of the vehicles.

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