TEİAŞ General Directorate to Recruit 4 Former Convicted Workers

general manager of teias
general manager of teias

📩 22/02/2021 15:14

4857 ex-convict employees in the status of permanent worker subject to the Labor Law numbered 4, in order to close the quota gaps of our company's workplaces, were sent to the Public Institutions and Organizations as Ex-Convict or those injured in the fight against terrorism as a worker. applicable in taking on Rules and Procedures Regulations "will be employed in accordance with the provisions through Turkey Business Council.

workplace to operate the elements to be recruited, provincial, title and number is required to make the specified is for those who want to apply to the labor demand in Turkey in the Employment Agency's web page to follow the announcements to be published on 01.03.2021 and at the time specified in the application Turkey Employment Agency below.


  1. Being a high school or equivalent school graduate
  2. To certify that he / she is a former convict or injured in a way that is not considered invalid in the fight against terrorism
  3. Not having military service (to have done, postponed or exempted)
  4. Fulfilling the conditions specified in Article 4 of the relevant Regulation 5. Document Showing the Priority Status for Applicants Applying with Priority Right

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