SMA Solar Makes a Difference in the Commercial Rooftop Market with SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 Solution

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Solar High School

📩 24/02/2021 14:25

SMA Solar Makes a Difference in the Commercial Rooftop Market with SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 Solution

SMA Solar, one of Germany's leading solar inverter companies, continues to be the leading global name of photovoltaic system technologies and energy solutions. Turkey roof and growing, market for self-consumption characteristics come to the fore with the project SUNNY TRIOPOWER CORE2, Thanks to its high efficiency, unique design, digital and integrated features, it offers you flexibility and efficiency in your projects and reduces your total purchasing costs.

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  • With its simple design, it offers you flexibility and efficiency in your projects.
  • No need to use additional electronic components on the roof
  • No efficiency loss at high temperatures
  • SMA Shadefix provides the highest performance and energy production even in shady situations
  • Offers at least 20 years of useful life
  • Keeps the safety of your GES at the highest level thanks to its complete electrical protection.
  • Provides lifetime free monitoring with Sunny Portal
  • Offers long-term business partnership with its established authorized service organization
  • Saves time and money thanks to easy installation

SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 Different Features

  • Unmatched power with 110 kW and 400 VAC output characteristics
  • Best in class: flexible design thanks to 12 MPP Trackers
  • Sunclix offers 24 string inputs with connectors.
  • Its maximum efficiency is 98.6%, European efficiency is 98,4%.
  • It has a DC / AC loading rate of up to 150%.
  • It has a maximum input voltage of 1,100 VDC and is suitable for using bifacial modules.
  • MPPT voltage range is between 500 - 800V. The inverter starting voltage is 200V.
  • Operates at nominal power (50 kW) without disconnecting the temperature up to 110 ℃.
  • IP 66 protection class
  • The standard warranty period is 5 years; The duration can be extended up to 20 years if desired.

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Efficient Production Even in Shaded Situations with SMA ShadeFix

SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2's integrated ShadeFix feature ensures the highest performance and energy production even in shady situations. This feature eliminates the need for additional electronic equipment on the roof.

Integrated with the Digital World

SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2 eliminates project errors and saves time with the ease of design with SMA Sunny Design. With EnnexOS integrated DATA MANAGER M, while commissioning is very easy, it provides monitoring, management and power control in PV systems. In addition, SUNNY PORTAL allows you to monitor your data and receive status updates for free.

SMA Built Service Organization Always With You!

One of the most important criteria to consider when choosing an inverter is service conditions. SMA is always with you before and after sales with its advanced established authorized service organization.

Solar High School

Ease of Design

SUNNY TRIPOWER CORE2's unique product design means no external DC collection box is required. This also provides you with ease of installation. With its IP 66 protection class, you can safely use it against harsh environmental conditions. The product is dustproof and provides protection against water at high pressure from all directions.

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