Need to Close the Gap of the Past in the Sensor Industry

In the sensor sector, it is necessary to close the past
In the sensor sector, it is necessary to close the past

📩 16/02/2021 14:33

Providing information on sensors at Industry Radio, Istanbul Sensors, Sensing Devices Product Manager Serhan Ahmet Çolak evaluated the sector.

Speaking to Industry Radio, Istanbul Sensors and Sensing Devices Product Manager Serhan Ahmet Çolak made statements about the sector. Çolak said that the machines used in the industry in production need to detect the work they do or the part in the process they are in, and that the electronic or mechanical parts that provide this detection are called sensors and there are various types.


Stating that it is not right to meet all the needs of the industry with a single sensor model, Çolak stated that new solutions and answers are provided according to the application and needs.

Çolak said, “It can be of electronic, mechanical, electromechanical structure. We are talking about a very serious product range here. The difference here depends entirely on the need and the place of use. " said.


Especially in the sense of a transformation in the industry and passed at this point in terms of product quality and engineering studies indicating that Turkey Colak progress every day, "We have come to this subject with the world standards. In fact, if you look at today it does not mean we can not make anything right in Turkey. We can do anything. We have closed enough qualified personnel for this. However, when we say to catch up with technologies, we have to close the gap we have lagged behind in this marathon from past years. This also applies to sensors. " said.

Stating that the sensors are generally produced from a semiconductor material and these materials are used at many points today, Çolak stated that the deficiency in the material has not been closed yet.

Çolak said, “Sensor manufacturing is a delicate job. You are trying to create an electronic card that will do tremendous work in a very small area and a very small structure that will perceive it, both chemical, electronic and mechanical. We see that work is being done in this area, but we still have a little way to reach the sensor size. We have to close the gap of the past. " said.

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