Meaningful Donation From Santa Farma

Significant donation from santa
Significant donation from santa

📩 24/02/2021 11:33

Turkey's 75-year long and local pharmaceutical company Santa Farma, currently with technical company, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) has donated equipment from Istanbul University Medicine Faculty of Child Health and Diseases Department of Nutrition and Metabolism Department to.

Aiming to develop innovative and value-added products with the understanding of "healthy service to health" and to offer them to the use of humanity, Santa Farma has added a new one to its university-industry cooperation projects. Santa Farma, which in the conduct of the Turkey representative of scientific research equipment together with Ant Teknik, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) device, Istanbul University Medicine Faculty of Child Health and Diseases Department of Nutrition and Metabolism Department to, the increase of scientific data and patients and faster donated in order to receive high quality service.

"It will also make a great contribution to the education of young researchers"

Making a statement on behalf of the Department of Nutrition and Metabolism, Department of Pediatrics, Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty, Assoc. Dr. A. Çiğdem Aktuğlu Zeybek said, "The new HPLC device, which will be used in clinical studies to monitor the diagnosis and treatment process of congenital metabolic diseases, will also make a great contribution to the education of young researchers who want to work on this subject." Çiğdem Aktuğlu Zeybek said the following on the subject:

Congenital metabolic diseases, which are called rare diseases, which are mostly rare, but which are quite common compared to many countries in the world, especially due to the effect of consanguineous marriages in our country, are a very important health problem in our country. On the one hand, because of their rarity, compared to other diseases, they have a lot of problems in the diagnosis and treatment development processes, on the other hand, they are very open to research and serious developments are needed in this direction. It is very important to have strong and rapid laboratory support in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Chromatographic methods are the methods that are used effectively in the diagnosis of congenital metabolic diseases and are accepted as the gold standard due to their reliability, easy application and openness to developing new methods. “Our clinic, 'Nutrition and Metabolism Science Department' and 'Nutrition and Metabolism Science Laboratory' is one of the first centers established in this field in our country and is accepted as a reference center in the national and international arena with its successful researches. Thanks to the donated device; On the one hand, we will take a big step towards achieving our goal of contributing to the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up processes of our patients and, on the other, to the world of science. "

University continues to collaborate

Santa Farma contributes to scientific studies with a multidisciplinary perspective that believes in the importance of public-industry-university cooperation in the process from product development studies to market access. Thanks to its collaborations with universities, it is involved in the technical development of the academic staff and the introduction of new products that will benefit our country.

Santa Farma, which will continue to provide technical infrastructure, equipment and equipment support to universities, with the importance it always attaches to development and innovation, closely follows current technologies and requirements in this sense.

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