Santa Farma: 'We Can Turn The Pandemic Into An Opportunity For The Sector'

We can turn the santa farma pandemic into an opportunity on behalf of the sector
We can turn the santa farma pandemic into an opportunity on behalf of the sector

📩 05/02/2021 11:39

Erol Kiresepi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Santa Farma, pointed out that the crisis caused by the pandemic should be considered as an opportunity for the sector and should work on it seriously, “This crisis is truly a first in world history. Unfortunately, it does not seem like it will be easy. However, our company has endured many crises in 77 years and has overcome them all. Let's stay together, let's continue to serve healthily ”.

Santa Farma Family came together at the 2020 evaluation meeting held online. The meeting also dealt with the target year of 2021, Santa Farma family to a speech addressed to Santa Farma Chairman Erol Kiresep is due to the pandemic on a global basis and Turkey gave important messages about industry prospects in private.

The most important lesson of the pandemic; Emphasizing that social interests should precede individual interests, Kiresepi said, "Another socio-economic problem that needs to be addressed due to the epidemic is the problem of ensuring the fair distribution of vaccines and potential treatment drugs among people".

The industry grew by 21 percent

Turkey's pharmaceutical market in terms of value in 2019 compared to 2020 grew by 21 percent, 41 billion TL to 49.8 billion TL indicating that Kiresep of production on the basis of the box; He pointed out that it fell from 2019 billion 2.8 million boxes to 2 billion 210 million boxes with a decrease of 2 percent compared to 150.

Underlining that there is a decrease on a box basis and an increase on a value basis in the sector, Kiresepi expressed the reason for this as follows: “The decrease in production is very clear to be related to pandemic conditions. The most important reason for the increase in value is the increase in prices. However, the shifting of demand for products in the market to high-priced products and new products may be another reason for the increase in value. There has been an increase in value in the sector without an increase in production. This has nothing to do with the growth of market share. It is completely an effect of the negative situation experienced in the Turkish economy with the pandemic. The important thing is to grow the pharmaceutical market and to increase our Turkey as the world pharmaceutical market. As stated in all strategic administrations, it is to be able to turn threats into opportunities and show itself. "

Emphasizing that the market value of the world pharmaceutical industry is 2020 trillion 1 billion dollars as of 250, Kiresepi said, “Although it is expected that this market will be 2021 trillion 1 billion dollars in 300, the pandemic seems to affect the world pharmaceutical market. It is predicted by experts that the market will reach 2023 trillion 1 billion dollars by 600 ”.

"Serious structural changes await the sector"

Kiresepi made the following statements about the expectations of the sector: “As in all sectors, serious structural changes await the pharmaceutical industry due to technological, demographic and climate change. We can summarize the predictions of futurists on this subject as follows; Due to the high cost, it is predicted that the main producer companies will only shift to molecule development and active substance production, and gradually leave the drug production to the generic drug manufacturers. This means that generic markets will increase in the market in the near future.

The industry, like all other industries, has to follow digital technology, apply industry 4.0, and develop R&D investments. Undoubtedly, investments on this subject will increase. The age of digital therapy will begin; Patient, doctor, diagnosis, treatment, medicine spiral will be provided mostly in digital environment via internet. Treatments will no longer be done in hospitals and clinics, but at homes. We are entering an era where only surgeries will be performed in hospitals and clinics. Climate changes will cause unknown viruses to emerge. Drug research for vaccines and treatment will continue to increase. In this case, the pharmaceutical industry's portfolio of chronic inherited diseases will naturally change. In the coming years, the pharmaceutical industry will serve health in all areas from birth to death. "

The business world is being coded again

Underlining that radical changes have been observed in business and social life due to the pandemic that has been going on for a long time and how long it will last, Kiresepi said, “In the new business model, functional works gradually leave their place to artificial intelligence. Other employees are expected to be experts in their jobs and work on a project basis. As a result, the need for trained and qualified employees is increasing. The new normal is, of course, expected to emerge new professions and jobs in the business world; but a surge of unemployment is also feared.

The International Organization of Employers (IOE) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) are working extensively to address potential unemployment and the growing migration problem. In this period, companies have tried to survive rather than profit. For this reason, quality work instead of quantity becomes the rising star among companies in the new reality. The trustworthiness of the companies takes precedence over the goals of continuous high profit. In short, the business world is being coded again ”.

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