Tram Expeditions in Samsun Were Not Affected by Snow

samsun tram services not affected by snow
samsun tram services not affected by snow

📩 16/02/2021 15:41

The snowfall, which was effective in Samsun, did not cause any disruption in tram services. Citizens turned to public transportation due to heavy snowfall. SAMULAŞ teams prevented passengers from suffering by keeping the flights open with all the precautions they took from the night.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality teams carried out their work almost on alert in order to prevent the negative impact of the heavy snowfall in the city since yesterday evening. The teams, which have been working day and night since the beginning of the snowfall, continued their snow plowing and salting activities throughout the city. Priority was given to keep the routes of public transportation vehicles open, especially the main transportation arteries, intersections, vehicle and pedestrian bridges and hospital route. Teams affiliated to SAMULAŞ kept the line open by cleaning on the rails from night on.


Stating that they have taken all precautions as Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Mustafa Demir said, “As SAMULAŞ, after the completion of the trips last night, all our teams continued to work until the first tram time in the morning in order to eliminate any problems that might interfere with the operation of the line. In order to avoid disruption in our tram business and to prevent our passengers from suffering by waiting at the stations, our teams worked for healthy, reliable and comfortable transportation by putting almost all of the trams in our fleet into service. The service continues without interrupting the transportation between all our trams and the Faculty of Medicine - Tekkeköy ”.

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