Smart City Traffic Safety Project Will Be Implemented In Samsun

Smart City Traffic Safety Project will be implemented in Samsun
Smart City Traffic Safety Project will be implemented in Samsun

📩 23/02/2021 16:42

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has started to apply smart city technologies in all investments from infrastructure to superstructure. In this context, the Smart City Traffic Safety Project is started. The municipality, which has completed its geometric design projects and preparations for artificial intelligence systems at 100 intersections, will hold the tender for the project in the near future. Mayor Mustafa Demir said, "We are excited to present this system, which is seen in the metropolitan cities of our country, to the service of our citizens".

The preparation process of Samsun Smart City Traffic Safety Project has ended. Within the scope of the works completed in 12 months under the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, the geometries of the intersections that disrupt the traffic flow rate and synchronization on the existing road routes will be modernized and made dynamic and managed with a digital system.


Within the scope of the project prepared in accordance with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure 'National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and the 2020-2023 Action Plan, satellite photos of existing intersections were taken. Up-to-date maps of these were taken, and the counting of vehicles in traffic was made by the technical teams of the Department of Transportation between 07.00 and 09.00 in the morning and 17.00-19.00 in the evening. After making the necessary investigations in terms of zoning and cadastre, the junction points were transferred to the computer and processed into electronic maps. Afterwards, the determined 100 critical roundabouts were re-designed and turned into pedestrian-priority intersection with a modernized geometric design. The approval process of the design projects of the intersections within the areas under the authority of the General Directorate of Highways has been completed.


After the intersection modernization, important studies were carried out to direct the traffic by disciplining with an electronic digital system, to ensure traffic flow and to increase driving comfort. Black spots were determined one by one and the ways in which the accidents occurred were examined. Locations for accidents related to red lights, incorrect parking and speed violations were determined. The studies were approved by the General Directorate of Security EDS Commission and the technical specification preparation process for digital systems was initiated.


Information guidance systems were also included in the Traffic Safety Project. These systems will work as follows. Vehicle density data from dynamic intersections will be transmitted to the central computer. Drivers will be informed about the traffic density according to the parameter data calculated for the traffic flow. In addition, a traffic information and guidance system will be installed in 9 regions at the entrance and exit of the city so that newcomers to the city can see the occupancy in the parking areas.


In the project preparation process; the participation and introduction meeting with the relevant investor organizations (YEDAŞ, SAMGAZ; Superonline, TELEKOM, Turkcell, Vodafone, etc.) and stakeholder organizations (Provincial Police Department, Regional Directorate of Highways, Regional Directorate of Transport, Gendarmerie) and informing the participants about the project phases by the Department of Transportation done. Efforts will be made to achieve a high level of synchronization between institutions with the works to be carried out within AYKOME so that the project is not interrupted and sustained efficiently.


Stating that they attach great importance to the Smart City Traffic Safety Project, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir said that they are on the eve of a new era in urban transportation and traffic comfort. Stating that the project preparations have been completed as a result of long efforts and meticulous studies, President Demir said, “We continue to make our city more modern and make the lives of our people easier. We make Samsun, the most beautiful city in the world, a brand city in every field. The Smart Traffic Safety Project, which will solve our traffic problems radically, is a vision project of Samsun in terms of living comfort. With this, we will increase the safety by accelerating the traffic flow, increase the functionality of the intersections by modernizing their geometric structures and bring order to the traffic synchronization with the digital management system. Therefore, we will prevent accidents and minimize red light, speed and incorrect parking violations. We are excited to present this system, which is seen in the metropolitan cities of our country, to the service of our citizens ”.


Stating that the traffic safety digital management and control operating system will serve within the Alo 153 City Management Center, Mayor Demir said, “With the completion of the construction of our headquarters, we will discipline the traffic. We will be able to accelerate the traffic flow by intervening in real time to the intersections in Atatürk Boulevard, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, 100. Yıl Boulevard, Ankara Boulevard, Anadolu Boulevard and İsmet İnönü Boulevard. We will minimize travel times, average stopping and delay times in the traffic road network. "We will prevent environmental pollution by reducing fuel consumption, toxic gas emissions and noise pollution."

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