Silkar Endaş Hologram to Prevent Counterfeit Bearings

To get past the fake bearings
To get past the fake bearings

📩 19/02/2021 16:04

Counterfeit bearings and power transmission products pose a huge threat to factories. Second quality and counterfeit power transmission products damage the production lines and cause great damage to the machines and even stoppages in the lines, causing high financial losses in the enterprises.

Silkar Endaş, who wants to prevent counterfeit power transmission products, offers all its products to its customers with the Silkar Endaş hologram for the follow-up and warranty of the products it sells. The Silkar Endaş hologram states that the products are XNUMX percent original and guaranteed.

Representing various brands such as SCHAEFFLER, FAG & INA, NSK, KG, GBM, HRB, MGM, Silkar Endaş, affecting the life of the bearing; It offers solutions to the industry with the brands of OKS, SIMRIT, NAK, FENIX, REXNORD, MEGADYNE, OPTIBELT in product groups such as lubrication, sealing, disassembly and power transmission, chain, belt, coupling and pulley.

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