Coast Guard Command 12 Thousand 655 Lives Saved in Blue Homeland

coast guard command saved a thousand lives in blue homeland
coast guard command saved a thousand lives in blue homeland

📩 27/02/2021 14:12

The lives of 935 thousand 12 people, including irregular immigrants, were saved in the 655 search and rescue held in the blue homeland last year by the Coast Guard Command.

In order to prevent loss of life at sea, all possible passage routes are continuously monitored 7/24 from the sea, land and air by the Coast Guard Command.

While the whole world is struggling with a global epidemic and all attention is focused on saving human life, Greece is leaving immigrants trying to hold on to life in the Aegean Sea to despair.

Contrary to the expected decrease in search and rescue incidents at sea due to this global pandemic, Greece experienced a significant increase in search and rescue incidents as a result of the pushing back of irregular migrants.

Last year, in 935 search and rescue incidents in the blue homeland, including push-back incidents, the lives of 12 people, including irregular migrants, were saved.

While a total of 2019 thousand 662 people were saved in 4 incidents in 592, there was an increase of 2020 percent in the number of incidents and 41 percent in the number of people rescued in 176.

Of the 2020 people rescued in 12, 655 were irregular migrants, including those rescued in Greece's push-back incidents.

The figures for the Turkish Coast Guard Command on irregular migrants rescued by Turkey's tough in front of the eyes of world public opinion of the value given to human life.

Lives Saved Are Not Limited to Irregular Migration Incidents

Despite the global pandemic conditions, the Coast Guard continues to support medical evacuation activities if requested from it, especially in cases where it is difficult for the injured and patients to reach health institutions, especially in severe sea and weather conditions.

While the medical evacuation of 2020 people was carried out in 181 incidents in 186 by the Coast Guard Command, patients or injured people in need of emergency assistance were brought from the islands and cruising ships to the nearest health institution and reached medical assistance without wasting time.

Coast Guard Command Takes Part in Natural Disasters

The Coast Guard Command, the only general law enforcement agency responsible for the safety and security of the blue homeland, continued to save human lives by taking part in natural disasters in 2020 with the instructions of the Ministry of Interior.

As a result of the tsunami that occurred after the earthquake in İzmir on 30 October 2020, the Coast Guard Command teams rescued a total of 43 boats, 25 of which were stranded and 68 of them sinking.

On August 24, 2020, Coast Guard helicopters took an active role in the flood disaster in Giresun and provided full support to the evacuation of a total of 31 citizens together with other law enforcement forces.

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