Who is Rikkat Uyanık?

Who is Rikkat Awake
Who is Rikkat Awake

Barış Manço's mother is Rikkat Uyanık, one of the important artists of Turkish Classical Music. He was born on May 1, 1921 in Adana. He studied classical Turkish Music due to his beautiful alto voice and his talent for music.

In 1940, İsmail Hakkı married Manço. War in 1941, Barış in 1943 and İnci in 1946 were born from this marriage. İsmail Hakkı-Rikkat couple divorced in 1946, the year their daughter İnci was born. Barış Manço had grown up with his father. However, his father İsmail Hakkı Bey died when he was in the 10th grade. Rikkat Hanım made her second marriage to Asaf Uyanık. Art circles also recognized him with this surname.

The artist, who received his first musical education from Kemal Batanay with the encouragement of his family, and after years of music education, first started to make a name for himself in the art community by giving a concert in the Suadiye Beach casino in the summer of 1947; Taking lessons from masters such as Münir Nurettin Selçuk, Sâdi Işılay, Selahattin Pınar, Hüsnü Tüzüner, Kemal Batanay, Şerif İçli, he had the chance to convey his voice to all of Turkey thanks to the microphones of Ankara and Istanbul Radios. Rikkat Uyanık, who worked for many years as an educator and performer at the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory, also tutored Zeki Müren for a while.

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