ProManage Cloud Has Great Interest in Japan

promanage cloud attracted great interest in japan
promanage cloud attracted great interest in japan

Bringing the age to factories with smart production management technology, Doruk is Chicago-based ProManage Corp. company, Asia-Pacific region partner ITO Corp. attended Smart Factory Expo with

Technology brand Doruk's ProManage Smart Manufacturing Solutions Corp. company, Japanese partner ITO Corp. attended the Smart Factory Expo held in Tokyo on January 20-22. The event, which brought industry giants together, was held both online and in the field as a hybrid. In addition to ProManage, which is the only intelligent production management system in the world that is fully integrated with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, ProManage Corp. also introduced the ProManage Cloud product, which can be applied to businesses of all sizes. With ProManage Cloud, an IoT-based MES MOM system, businesses can take their place among smart factories by solving bottlenecks and losses quickly and in a short time. As of 2021, the businesses of all sizes that are candidates to ensure that digitalisation ProManage Cloud, making Turkey a warm introduction to the market will begin to change the rules of the game digitalisation Umeda.

Doruk, which has hosted many successes in the field of smart production management system, this year its American-based company ProManage Corp. and its Japanese partner ITO Corp., with whom it co-stars in the Asia Pacific market. participated in Smart Factory Expo once again with. In the fair held in Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Show Center) on 20-22 January both online and on the field; ProManage Corp., which came together with many business professionals from different countries, offered the participants the opportunity to experience the new product ProManage Cloud with a specially created demo area. ProManage Corp., which introduced its products and solutions at its online booth, attracted great attention from the participants.

Businesses of all sizes will be digitalized with Promanage Cloud

As of 2021, the businesses of all sizes to ensure that digitalisation began ProManage Cloud, in the area of ​​digitalisation market in Turkey is preparing to change the rules of the game. ProManage Cloud, presented to the experience of the participants at the Smart Factory Expo in Japan and attracting great attention, has many advantages for every business that wants to be a pioneer in the global market and one of the new playmakers in the digitalizing world.

Malfunctions will decrease and quality will increase in the future paperless businesses

ProManage, one of the first IoT-based MES MOM systems in the world, is used by more than 300 businesses, including many industrial giants today. The brand, which works without slowing down for the use of this system by small businesses, will contribute to the increase of productivity of businesses and their preparation for Industry 4.0 with the new ProManage Cloud product. Designed in the light of 23 years of experience in the field of smart production management systems, ProManage Cloud provides reduction in machine failure and downtime, improvement in failure response times with faster intervention and an increase in quality. The system, which enables the elimination of time and labor losses in manual data entry, documentation and report preparation processes, protects both the costs of the enterprises and the nature with its paperless feature.

Wherever you are in the world, your business is just a click away

ProManage Cloud with its reliable cloud platform feature that allows focusing on customers and production instead of server provision, storage and maintenance activities; It provides its users with the opportunity to manage their businesses from all over the world by shortening the investments to be made in this area, the development and implementation of production processes. Businesses can start their digital journeys with ProManage Cloud's suitable package options. With ProManage Cloud, factories that started digitalization without the need to pay any additional server, database or system license fee, have wide data collection options for both traditional and modern machines.

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