Pirelli Presents Smart Tires with Sensors as Standard for McLaren Artura for the First Time

pirelli mclaren introduces smart tires equipped with sensors for artura as standard for the first time
pirelli mclaren introduces smart tires equipped with sensors for artura as standard for the first time

📩 20/02/2021 11:19

For the first time, Pirelli offers a tire equipped with sensors that can communicate with the car as standard.

A world first, this family of original equipment (OE) smart tires works thanks to Pirelli's Cyber ​​Tire system, which collects critical data for safe driving with a sensor in each tire and connects to software integrated into the car's computer. Equipped with sensor tires, McLaren Artura provides a safer and more participatory driving experience as a high-tech hybrid supercar. Cyber ​​Tire technology transmits a lot of information to the car and driver; It conveys that the tire is a summer or winter tire like a passport, recommended tire pressure, load index and speed rating, as well as instant operating data such as temperature and pressure.


Such safety-critical information, including tire and pressure, is constantly monitored and transmitted to the driver in real time. This information also offers higher precision compared to conventional sensors positioned in the valves because Pirelli's sensors directly contact the tire rather than the rims. The data received from the sensors are processed by software developed by Pirelli and integrated into the car's electronic system. Some information is displayed on the car's console and on the central dashboard, while others are used by the car's electronic system, and driver warning systems are calibrated, taking into account the characteristics and condition of the tires.


For example, a car equipped with Pirelli's Cyber ​​Tire system can warn the driver that tire pressures need to be checked in order to continue driving safely. Alternatively, when it is necessary to switch between winter and summer tires, often with different speed ratings, the car warns the driver that the maximum speed for the tire has been reached. The specific functions of cyber tires are selected and defined according to different models by the manufacturers who prefer them.


McLaren has specifically selected some of these functions for use on the racetrack. For example, Pirelli Cyber ​​Tire allows the driver to adjust the tire pressures for better performance on the track according to his specific driving style. As a result, there are changes in the warnings each driver receives. On the other hand, a notification is sent when the tires reach the optimal temperature, allowing drivers to access the correct tab to get maximum performance from the car-tire package. Drivers can also be communicated when to cool their tires. It offers support as if there was a racing engineer in the passenger seat.


Special P Zero tires, developed by Pirelli engineers for McLaren Artura together with McLaren's own engineers, are produced in sizes 235 / 35Z R19 at the front and 295/35 R20 at the rear. The asymmetrical tread pattern of the tires offers excellent braking performance for vehicle control in all conditions, especially on wet surfaces. P Zero Corsa tires, which are specially designed for both the track and the road, contain a compound developed with Pirelli's experience in motorsport. The unique P Zero Winter tires, designed to match McLaren Artura's specifications, guarantee a performance similar to the P Zero summer tire with 'tailor made' rubber and tread pattern. The MCC-C mark on the sidewall of all three McLaren Artura tires shows that Pirelli has been specially developed for McLaren using Cyber ​​Tire technology.


The Pirelli Cyber ​​Tire system represents the future of automobile tires. The system will give cars a sense of touch, enabling them to detect or predict the possibilities of danger such as loss of grip or aquaplaning, so that the vehicle's electronic system can intervene immediately.

Next, tires will be able to connect to a network and communicate with other vehicles and surrounding infrastructure. In November 2019, Pirelli became the world's first tire company to share information about the road surface over the 5G network, thanks to smart tires equipped with sensors. This presentation took place in Turin at the "world's first 5G supported ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) services" event.


Just like the development of autonomous driving systems, these systems are constantly evolving. The driver's tasks, such as assessing the grip level of the road surface and weather conditions, will increasingly be transferred to the tires; In other words, when the ground starts to get slippery, the car will automatically slow down and driver assistance systems will be activated to increase safety. When connected online between vehicles, a car will be able to warn other vehicles of possible immediate dangers. All of this will enhance the real touch and experience offered by tires that are the only road-contacting part of a car.

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