Scooter: The New Rising of the Pandemic

The new rising of the pandemic is the scooter
The new rising of the pandemic is the scooter

With the pandemic, our payment habits have changed and products that facilitate both citizens and commercial businesses have been noticed in the new conditions. Among the striking results of the analysis conducted by Mastercard, the ratio of digital shopping with commercial cards and the preference of electric scooters that have been offered for common use in transportation.

Increase in Digital Use of Commercial Cards

Consumers pandemic processes in shopping habits analyzes of Mastercard Turkey, especially for reasons of hygiene, the demand for contactless shopping during this period stated that seriously increase show, it just underlines that reflected in the trading card not with individual contactless card. It can be seen that the transfer of offices from the physical to the digital environment has increased the use of commercial cards in businesses.

Most food ordering and grocery shopping in trade exchanges between member businesses Masterpass being made in Turkey. Transport and telecommunications services follow these two areas. While 65% of the cards defined in Masterpass are credit cards, debit cards rank second with 31%.

Digital Adaptation in Transportation Continues Without Slowing Down

Collaborative electric scooter providers showed the biggest increase in digital payments. It is seen that scooters have become the consumption habit of young people.

Private car owners are also benefiting from the digital transformation, Mastercard registered through ISPARK applications thanks to the cooperation with Turkey İSPARK one-click payment cards can be made. It is now possible for vehicle owners to make parking payments without waiting for the attendant and without the hassle of searching for coins. The driver leaving the parking lot can complete the payment by choosing one of the cards registered in Masterpass through the application.

Mastercard does not neglect to offer payment solutions to public transportation systems. In more than 40 cities in Turkey, the city Masterpass infrastructure or transportation card can be loaded with a non-contact manner balance. In 23 provinces, consumers can make their public transportation payments directly to the in-car validator with their contactless credit or debit cards.

While only 5 to 10% of credit card sales were made digitally before the pandemic, we see that this figure increased to 2020% in 38. Even if global health concerns end in 2021 and businesses continue their traditional activities, the payment steps they have taken in the name of digitalization will continue to exist for convenience.

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