5 New Habits Brought by the Pandemic

new habit brought about by the pandemic
new habit brought about by the pandemic

📩 12/02/2021 15:00

It is obvious that the pandemic, which continues to affect the whole world, has brought many new habits to our lives. Many behaviors that were rarely or not preferred before the pandemic are increasing in every country. While some people adapt to these new habits in a short time, some have difficulties in adapting. With its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared five of these habits that the pandemic brought to our lives.

Online visiting

One of the most difficult new forms of communication brought about by the pandemic was online hospitality. It took a long time for a country that makes frequent family visits, neighbor visits, and golden days to get used to the curfews imposed to protect their health. People who shut down at home made their aspirations, family and neighbor visits, entirely through online camera links or social media platforms.

Listening to more podcasts and audiobooks

Although the innovations brought online in the area of ​​the pandemic, podcasts and listening to audio books it has increased in Turkey with rates pandemic. showing an increase in podcasts all over the world and listen to audio books rates in Turkey took place in the rankings.

Wearing mask

Nowadays, it is a necessity to wear a mask in workplaces, markets, markets and all public places outside due to the effects of the pandemic. Although everyone has difficulty wearing a mask at first, the use of masks has become a habit after its importance to protect health has been realized.

More exercise

The first effects of the pandemic; It manifested itself as the majority of people experiencing physical health problems due to reasons such as less exercise. The need to exercise more to protect their health, to be vigorous and to feel more comfortable has led to an increase in exercise percentages.

Read more books

Perhaps one of the most positive effects of the pandemic was the significant increase in the rate of reading books. This increase is estimated to be around 1 percent within 25 year. There are also studies that present higher figures.

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