Pandemic Process Has Changed Our Eating Habits

The pandemic process has changed our eating habits
The pandemic process has changed our eating habits

📩 17/02/2021 14:10

With the corona virus epidemic, the difficult period we are in has also changed our eating habits. Anxiety, fear, difficulty in managing uncertainty and social isolation, which manifested itself with the epidemic in the society, caused many people to change their eating habits.

Stating that eating disorders are more common in periods when anxiety factors increase, Psychologist Dr. Feyza Bayraktar said, “Eating disorder behavior can often become one of the methods of coping with life and the pain, stress and anxiety that life brings. Instead of dealing with a disturbing emotion, the person may choose to avoid feeling pain by repeating the eating disorder behavior that has become a part of his life, even if he feels bad afterwards. Eating disorder can become a kind of uncomfortable comfort zone for the person. " said.

Stating that the sudden life change we are all exposed to with the coronovirus epidemic is an important trigger for eating disorders, Bayraktar continued as follows: “While many people who have problems in emotion management skills have difficulty in managing the stress that becomes routine in daily life, it is also necessary to manage the uncertainty of the pandemic process. When his difficulty was added, he faced an eating disorder problem. Avoiding emotions such as anxiety, fear, boredom, and the possibility of enjoying some foods, and consuming these foods in a way that is abundant, and sometimes even out of control, has become one of the common methods to avoid feeling emotions in the process we are in. "

It's in our hands to control the choices. Be aware of the emotions

Stating that support should be taken without delay regarding eating disorder behavior that occurs due to psychological factors, Psychologist Dr. Feyza Bayraktar said: “First of all, it is necessary to learn to manage emotions in a healthy way. For this, we have to accept the reality we are in as it is, even if we do not like it, and allow ourselves to accept and feel the feelings we feel during this process without judgment. Trying to avoid feeling emotions can turn into self-injurious behavior. We have to remember that even if some emotions are painful, all emotions are temporary, and pain like happiness will pass after a while. Introducing activities that will positively affect our mood in our daily lives also supports our tolerance to distressing situations. Since we are in the pandemic process, activities carried out outside and socialization are much more limited, making activities such as developing hobbies that can be done at home and doing breathing exercises a part of the daily routine that will positively affect the general mood will help to positively affect the general mood and to manage emotions more healthily It will also contribute to combating eating attacks. "

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