Good News to Game Issuing Companies

Good news to companies exporting games
Good news to companies exporting games

📩 16/02/2021 11:24

The Communiqué on the Amendment of the Value Added Tax (VAT) General Implementation Communiqué prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette. With the amendment, it has been made possible to bring the amount in Turkish lira from abroad in VAT refunds for service export exemptions. Exporting game companies are also within the scope of the regulation.

With the amendment to the VAT General Implementation Communiqué, the increasing prevalence of TL in international payments was taken into account. Billing services indicated in the issuance of money the Turkish lira, the refund pursuant to the documents certifying that have been brought to Turkey as the Turkish lira allow to be made.

VAT refund for service issues

Emphasizing that the Communiqué solves the problem of proving the service export made in Turkish lira, IFASTURK Education, R&D and Support Founder Mesut Şenel said, “Before the regulation, the VAT incurred on service exports that are exempt from VAT can be refunded, but the service export fee is in foreign currency. the condition was due to return to Turkey. The exchange with the amendment KDV refund conditions must be brought to Turkey was stretched. In this way, exporting software, application and game companies were able to get a refund by solving the problem. With our years of experience in export-based government support, we provide consultancy services to all game, software, mobile game and application companies operating in foreign currency earning service sectors on VAT legislation and supports. found the assessment.

VAT refunds can be made in TL

Incurred related to the declared transaction involving the issuance and service that can not be compensated through the sale of VAT refunds, it could not be fulfilled before coming to Turkey as a foreign service fee. Done editing, exporting services shown in invoices in Turkish lira equivalent, pursuant to also return documents proving that the price was brought to Turkey as the Turkish lira makes it possible to do.

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