Oyak Renault Breaks a Production and Export Record

Oyak Renault Breaks a Production and Export Record
Oyak Renault Breaks a Production and Export Record

Oyak Renault Automobile Factories maintained its leadership in production and exports despite the pandemic that marked the year 2020. Oyak Renault produced 308 cars and 568 engines last year. The company also exports Turkey with 431 thousand 337 units has continued its leadership in car exports.

Turkey's largest integrated automobile factory, Oyak Renault, maintained its leadership in the sector by completing the challenging year of 19, spent in the shadow of the COVID-2020 epidemic, with the production of 308 thousand 568 cars and 431 thousand 337 engines. Oyak Renault also produced 166 thousand 991 gearboxes and 276 thousand 979 chassis last year.

On the other hand, the transportation volume from the Alliance International Logistics Center (AILN), located inside the Oyak Renault Automobile Factories and supplying parts and spare parts to Groupe Renault's facilities all over the world, reached 312 thousand 769 cubic meters last year.

Oyak Renault Automobile Factory, as well as 211 thousand 954 units of export continued leadership in Turkey's passenger car exports. Oyak Renault, including the new Clio, which was selected as the car of the year in 2020, and the New Clio Hybrid model, which started to be produced in the first half of the year, contributed to the country's economy by exporting approximately 69 percent of the cars it produces to 50 countries.

Dr. Antoine Aoun: Despite the pandemic, we managed to produce more than 2020 thousand vehicles in 300

Evaluating the production and export figures of Oyak Renault for 2020, Oyak Renault General Manager Dr. Antoine Aoun said: “We demonstrated a successful production performance in 2020, which started under the influence of the pandemic and was a challenging year for the automotive industry as in all sectors. We continued our production in accordance with the instructions of local and national health authorities by ensuring the health of our employees at the focus of all our activities at Oyak Renault Automobile Factories.

It seems that the automotive industry will continue to work under pandemic conditions for a while. In 2021, companies that attach importance to employee health and best adapt to challenging production conditions will come to the fore. At this point, with 50 years of knowledge, kazanOur agile and flexible production capability is the biggest strength of our factory. This very valuable feature allows us to manage the pandemic period in the most effective way.

As Oyak Renault Automobile Factories, we opened a brand new page in engine production in line with Groupe Renault's technological transformation strategy. Last year, we started mass production of engines for hybrid vehicles in our factories. We are the first factory which produces engines for hybrid vehicles in the Renault Group and Turkey.

As one of the most important production centers of Groupe Renault in the world, we will continue to maintain our success with our human power and technology.

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