Good News from Minister Pekcan to Postpone Tradesmen's Loan Debt in Diyarbakır

Good News by Minister Pekcan to Postpone Tradesmen's Loan Debt in Diyarbakır
Good News by Minister Pekcan to Postpone Tradesmen's Loan Debt in Diyarbakır

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan said, "The loan debt of approximately 1 million 300 thousand of our tradesmen, who used low-interest loans with the guarantee of TESKOMB, was postponed until the end of June." said.

Minister Pekcan, who came to Diyarbakır to hold various contacts and meet with tradesmen and craftsmen, visited the Governorship with TESKOMB President Abdulkadir Akgül and TESK President Bendevi Palandöken.
Pekcan, who signed the Honor Book, made statements to journalists about his visit.

Pekcan stated that they held a successful and very productive meeting with the chambers of industry and commerce in Diyarbakır on December 25 through video conferencing, and that they would consult with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as the Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen during this visit and listen to their problems.

Pointing out that the whole world is going through a difficult process in terms of both health and economy due to the epidemic, Pekcan said, "Under the leadership of our President, we are carrying out this process by separating from other countries in both health and economic areas, very successfully." he spoke. Pekcan stated that they are aware of the difficulties of business people and tradesmen during this period and continued his words as follows:

“As the state, we strive to make our tradesmen feel that we are with them, especially our President and our Ministry. Within the framework of the Economic Stability Shield Package announced by our President in March, we announced supports for both employment, tax and financing. Again, on December 14, Mr.President announced 3 TL income loss support for 1000 months and 750 TL in metropolitan cities and 500 TL in other cities. Our President recently announced his support for the loss of income, especially in cafes, restaurants and cafeterias, with a turnover loss of 3% or more for businesses with a turnover of up to 50 million, as much as 3% of the turnover loss, not less than 2 thousand TL less than 40 thousand TL. "

"We are in an effort to overcome the process we are in in a way that will least affect our economy"

Stating that the decrease in the number of cases is extremely important in this process without leaving the precautions, Pekcan stated that the reservations about mutation have increased in recent days.

Pekcan said, “Of course, these restrictions are a process of necessity. We are working together to overcome the process we are in in a way that will least affect our economy. " said.

Turkey's Pekcan also gives information about the export, "it reached the quarters for the first time exports exceeded 50 billion dollars to 51,2 billion." He spoke in the form.

Pekcan stated that they increased their 2020 exports above the medium-term targets and realized as 169,5 billion, and that this trend continued in January and that they realized the highest January export by exceeding 15 billion dollars.

Pekcan stated that the work continues in Diyarbakır, and that the total amount of low-interest loans used by tradesmen and craftsmen through TESKOMB reached 68 billion liras, of which only 42 billion liras were granted in 2020. Pekcan said, "When we look at these loans, we see that we gave 484 million lira loan in Diyarbakır." used the expression.

"13 billion lira loan debt of our tradesmen has been postponed until the end of June"

Pointing out that they came with good news today, Pekcan said: “The loan debt of approximately 1 million 300 thousand of our 13 million XNUMX thousand tradesmen using low interest loans with TESKOMB guarantee has been postponed until the end of June.

I hope we will continue where we left off very quickly and strongly after the pandemic process is over. "
Pekcan, developments in the world economy, in Turkey with changing the direction of the global supply chain, geopolitical position and consumer market with its proximity to high-quality production infrastructure in the European Union standards, educated work force and said they anticipate it would take more space with a predisposition to digitalize the changes in the global supply chain with competitiveness.

At a time when reduced by 42 percent of direct investments in the world, he stressed that Turkey $ 6,1 billion in January-November foreign direct investment came Pekcan, "We anticipate this will increase at an alarming rate with the forthcoming reform package." he spoke.

Pekcan stated that in the last 2 years they have given Diyarbakır export support of 3,7 million liras as the Ministry and an export support of 7,6 million dollars through Eximbank, saying “Diyarbakır did not embarrass us either. Exported $ 16,4 million with an export increase of 255 percent. Hopefully, we will continue to increase these numbers in 2021. " said.

Support for women entrepreneurs

Stating that they support women entrepreneurs as the ministry, Pekcan noted that they also support women entrepreneurs to become cooperatives. Pekcan stated that 150 women's cooperatives in Diyarbakır benefited from the support of up to 5 thousand lira for women cooperatives and that they gave support of 452 thousand lira, adding that they will continue this process in 2021 and the application processes will continue until February 28.
Minister Pekcan added that they will evaluate what else can be done for Diyarbakır with its production, agriculture, industry, cultural accumulation, historical richness and tourism center with the contacts they will hold today.

Minister Pekcan then attended the consultation meeting held at the Governorship where representatives of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Chambers of Industry and Commerce and non-governmental organizations took part.

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