Minister Koca made a statement after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting

minister made a statement after the coronavirus scientific committee meeting
minister made a statement after the coronavirus scientific committee meeting

Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a statement to the press after the Coronavirus Scientific Committee Meeting. After that, Minister Koca went to Ankara City Hospital and got the second dose of coronavirus vaccine.

In his speech, Koca reminded that the fight against the coronavirus epidemic has been going on for more than a year, and said that these difficult periods were successfully left behind with the attention of citizens and the superior efforts of healthcare professionals.

Saying, “We are in a period of struggle that does not allow us to make a predictable plan in all areas of life,” Koca emphasized that the vaccine program is meticulously handled in order to offer a predictable future.

Minister Koca continued as follows:

“Be of good cheer. Very soon we will be able to plan our lives. We have put forward all our sensitivity in the priority of the health of our elders, who are worn out by the illness, and the vaccination of our citizens with chronic diseases. With the grafting of this group, we are moving towards the end of the tunnel where we saw the light before. As of Monday, the average of the 7-day number of cases will be broadcast live on the provincial basis. Thus, our Provincial Sanitation Committees will be able to take decisions regionally when necessary. We are now in a period where regional studies can be carried out for a planable future. The name of the new period in epidemic management is the 'right decision' period. "

"The first dose vaccination of more than 2 million 800 thousand citizens has been completed"

“However, there is an issue that we need to act very carefully and together in this process. Using the expressions "to comply with the measures," Koca said, "It is not possible for us to continue our success by following the measures. The greatest power of our country in epidemic management is the compliance of our citizens. You have become the architects of this success, with patience and following the path shown. We will continue to fight together and we will reach our bright future as soon as possible ”.

Drawing attention to the vaccination program initiated by the President 28 days ago, the first dose vaccine of more than 2 million 800 thousand citizens has been completed as of today, Minister Koca said, “As of tomorrow, we are starting the second dose vaccines of our first vaccinated group. Our goal is to ensure that at least 60 percent of our target population is vaccinated. The fact that we have vaccinated 3,5 percent of our population may seem like a small percentage to many of you. However, considering that this rate is 3,7% in Germany, which is one of the vaccine producing countries as in many European countries, the success of our country in vaccination will be better understood. Of course, in the very near future, both the production and supply of the vaccine will bring this rate to the level we target. "

"From tomorrow, citizens over the age of 70 will be defined in the system to be vaccinated"

Stating that from tomorrow, citizens over the age of 70 and over 65 years old will be defined in the system for vaccination from Friday, Koca said, “In line with the suggestions of our Scientific Committee, in order to ensure that critical public services can be maintained without interruption and to encourage social mobilization, starting from the weekend, we I invite managers to be vaccinated. "I expect the governor, provincial police chief, district governors and mayors to lead our citizens by having them vaccinated in our health facilities in their regions."

"We currently have 17 vaccine candidates"

Pointing out that among the Kovid-19 vaccines produced by different countries, they prefer the inactive vaccine, Minister Koca said:

“This choice of ours received criticism from many segments, but the process once again showed that we were right. Currently, many countries, especially the European Union, have turned to inactivated vaccines.

Our country has provided approximately 15 million doses of vaccine and has completed agreements for a total of more than 100 million doses of vaccine. We didn't stop with that either. We made an effort to implement our domestic vaccine projects day by day by following them. We currently have 17 vaccine candidates. Today, for our leading vaccine candidate, Phase 2 human trial volunteers have started to be vaccinated.

"Numerous mutations of unknown origin are also seen in our country"

Stating that they closely follow the important mutations and their effects seen in three countries of the world, Health Minister Koca said, “Apart from these, many mutations of unknown origin, which we think do not differ in terms of clinical course, are seen in our country as well as in the world. The presence of mutations also affects our calendar of restrictions. The recommendation of our Scientific Committee is to follow the course of the case without haste in easing the restrictions. Because of the increased contamination, we must follow the same precautions more carefully. "

Minister Koca went to Ankara City Hospital after the press conference and had the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

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