TR Engine to Develop Auxiliary Power Unit in National Combat Aircraft Project

national combat aircraft
national combat aircraft

📩 09/02/2021 13:49

TR Motor General Manager Dr., who was a guest of TeknoGündem program organized by Mavera Foundation and Informatics Innovation Association. Osman Dur announced that the auxiliary power unit to be used in the aircraft will be developed by TR Motor within the scope of the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) project.

Dr. In his statement on the subject, Osman Dur said, "There is a small engine that can provide the energy of TAI's National Combat Aircraft, which we call APU. As TR Motor, we got the tender for that engine." gave his statements. Dr. Osman Dur also stated that detailed information about the development of the auxiliary power unit called APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) to be used in the National Combat Aircraft by TR Motor will be shared with the public in the coming days.

Dr. Osman Dur also commented on the date on which the turbo engine of the National Combat Aircraft can be operated. Dr. Osman Dur said, “I think that if there is no setback and if there is no change in strategy, we will make the first ignition of the turbo engine of our National Combat Aircraft in 2027. This is our plan and
We do our editing accordingly. " said.

What does the auxiliary power unit do?

The auxiliary power unit is usually found in aircraft, but also in some large land vehicles, and its main purpose is to provide the energy required for the vehicle after the vehicle's power sources are disabled. When an airplane is on the ground, it can use the auxiliary power unit for engine starting and air conditioning. On the other hand, an aircraft in the air can use the auxiliary power unit as a back-up electricity source if needed.

TR Motor Power Systems

TR Motor Güç Sistemleri San. A.S. April 20, 2017 Date of Turkey's needs in turbocharger technology in the field of design and development capital to perform one hundred percent owned ssb'y SYSTEM INC was established by. Construction of new generation engine design to meet the needs of Turkey and were intended to improve aircraft engine. The capital of the company is Savunma Sanayi Teknolojileri A.Ş. and TUSAŞ.

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