Deputy Ataş Ask About Kayseri Suburban Line Project

deputy atas kayseri asked about suburban line project
deputy atas kayseri asked about suburban line project

📩 24/02/2021 15:12

İYİ Party Kayseri Deputy Dursun Ataş brought the 'Suburban Line Project' to the agenda, which turned into a snake story and left millions of stops to rot due to neglect, asking for information from the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, saying, "The city's money is populist and saves the day. It has been used for projects aimed at ".

GOOD Party Kayseri Deputy Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Fair Karaismailoğlu Dursun attachment to answer claims by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey has been left to rot by the motion of the Presidential Suburb question asked what would be the fate of the stop.

Ataş pointed out that the project was used as an election investment like some other projects and was abandoned to its fate after the election and said, "While the city of Kayseri was unemployed and unemployed, the money of the city was used for populist projects to save the day."

Deputy Dursun Ataş, who said, "Kayseri is curious about the fate of the transportation projects that have been promised by the government for years but never realized, is waiting for their realization," said Deputy Dursun Ataş, "Fast Train, Tram Lines, Logistics Village, Airport and Huge transportation projects such as the Connection to the Ankara-Niğde Highway are on the agenda in every election period, but they are not discussed when the election is over. One of these projects that is frequently talked about and forgotten during the election period is the Suburban Line Project. Kayseri Suburban Line Project was brought to the agenda by the Metropolitan Municipality of the time in 2014, and it was declared that an agreement was made between Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of DDY. According to this 130-kilometer project, suburban train services will be organized between Yeşilhisar to the west of the city and Sarıoğlan districts to the east, thus preventing migration from rural to urban, and Kayseri and İncesu Organized Industrial Zones on the said route would also benefit from the trips. But it was not done; It has been 7 years since the announcement, and promises have always remained as promises, like other important projects ”.

Stating that the stops were built by spending millions of liras, but those stops were also left to rot, Dursun Ataş, Deputy of İYİ Party Kayseri, said, “Before starting the project, which was declared to be completed in 2018 by the relevant people of the period, the stops started to be made by spending millions. In 2016, the station tender was made by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and the stops in some regions were made. Now, the suburban train stops placed at many points are deplorable, neglected and left to rot. In this important project, the election time was used to get the votes of the people of Kayseri and it was left to its fate like other important projects of Kayseri. "The money of the city was used for populist projects aimed at saving the day, while the people of Kayseri were traveling unemployed and unemployed."

Returning to the snake story from the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and asking for information about the status of the project, which was abandoned to its fate, Deputy Dursun Ataş asked the following questions:

At what stage is the Kayseri Suburban Line Project? When will the project be completed and implemented? Has there been a delay in the project? If so, what are the reasons? Has the project been suspended? If the project is suspended, what are the reasons? Is there any work to continue the project? How much has been spent within the scope of the project? Has there been a public loss due to the delay of the project and the construction of unused stops? If so, will any action be taken against those responsible? Is there any thought or study about the fate of the stalls left to rot?

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