Pedestrian Crossings Suitable for Visually Impaired Persons are Drawn in Mersin for the First Time

For the first time in Mersin, pedestrian crossings suitable for visually impaired individuals are drawn
For the first time in Mersin, pedestrian crossings suitable for visually impaired individuals are drawn

📩 15/02/2021 16:01

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation carries out horizontal marking works throughout the city with a team of 12 people. There are also 2 women in the team that draws the road lines. The team, which carries out its works within the framework of a plan and program from the desk to field application, is currently continuing the drawings of pedestrian crossings suitable for the use of visually impaired citizens.

A first in Mersin for visually impaired individuals

The horizontal marking team first designs the drawing of the road lines and then applies them. The life and property safety of pedestrians and vehicle drivers is ensured with the lines drawn on the roads. The team does its job with care and devotion.

Traffic Technician Betül Aydemir, who is working at the Directorate of Transportation Department's Traffic Services Branch, stated that they are continuing the pedestrian crossing drawings suitable for the use of visually impaired citizens by breaking a new ground in Mersin. Speaking about the features of the newly drawn pedestrian crossings, Aydemir said, “A first in Mersin. It is an application we have made in order to protect the safety of life and then property of our disabled citizens and to facilitate their crossing. We have already done a few more points in the city. We will continue at full speed. We do not use one type of paint, we have two types of paint. Our double component yellow and white paints. "Its visibility is different day and night and its application is different."

"We have a plan and a project"

Adding that they carry out the studies in a planned and programmed manner, Aydemir said, “We do not have a random work. We have a plan project both in the office, in the field and in practice. "First of all, it is a work we carried out to protect the life and property of pedestrians and we have implemented these practices at many points in Mersin.

"We are not doing a black-order job"

Soner Özer, the field manager of the horizontal and vertical marking team, explained the work they carried out from the moment they moved to the field and said, “Our team comes to the field, they clean the ground, then we start the measurements. After the drawing is finished, we continue the painting process. We have projects in our hands, friends make the application according to the markings. So we do not do a black-order business. He is doing his work according to the plan and the project, friends ”.

"I'm mixing paint"

Road line paint operator Uğur Ilgaz, on the other hand, talked about his duty in the field and said, “I mix paint. First we make paint preparations. After mixing, my friends pour them into molds and apply them to the road.

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